Monday, May 18, 2009

He's A Slut For My Big Fat Strap On

I walked in and caught my older brother dressed in a pair of my panties. Parading around like a horny slut with his raging hard cock about ready to bust out of them. I looked at him and said "Jimmy what the fuck are you doing in my favorite panties?" He said "Oh Mandy I'm sorry I could not help myself I just had to put them on." I asked him how long this has been going on for and he told me for months. He also told me that he has jacked off and fantasized about me dressing him in my lingerie and thigh hi's and using my favorite toy on him. I looked at him and said "I bet these are my worn panties aren't they? I bet you get off knowing my fat juicy pussy has been in these all day making them wet and creamy." He said "Oh yes I have your dirty panties are my favorite." I immediately walked over to my drawer and pulled out a camisole along with some thigh hi's and then went to my closet and pulled out a pair of my red pumps and said "Put these on slut i'm about to teach you a fucking lesson." He took my lingerie and put them on looking at me saying "Are you going to make me your bitch today Mandy?" I said "You bet your fucking ass i'm going to make you my bitch." Dressed now in my red lingerie he stood there saying "What would you like for me to do first?" I said "Beg me for my Strap on like a good bitch. I know you want the one with the huge dick attached to it don't you?" He said "Oh yes I want that big nine inch dick sliding in my hot pussy." I said "Good because its just for you!" Pushing him down on his knees I said "First I want you to suck it slut. Make it nice and wet." He opened up his mouth lowering it around the head as he started to suck on it. Moaning out like a horny bitch with his lips moving up and down my strap on. Hearing me say "Take it in deeper. Show me how good you can suck a dick you whore!" Bobbing his head up and down like he was fishing for apples making it wetter and wetter he said "Do you like how I'm sucking your strap on Mandy?" I said "Yes I do i'm going to fuck your mouth with it now." Taking my hand as I guided his head up and down. Pushing it on it deeper and deeper hearing me say "I bet your dick is getting really hard now isn't it?" Moaning louder with his mouth full he said "Oh yes It is." I said "Good now raise your slutty mouth off of it so I can put you on all fours. And put that ass up in the air and spread that fucking man pussy open cause I know you are ready for your hole to get stretched open."

Grabbing a hold of his ass with him looking back at me begging like a bitch I said "I'm ready to rim your hot hole. And now you can call it a cunt!" Feeling me push the tip of the head against it just toying with his fuck hole. Running it up and down his crack as he started to beg me for it. But I know he loves the way that I tease him. I do it so good that he starts to drip precum in my panties. He started saying "Mandy I want to touch myself now." I said "You won't do it until I give you permission bitch! Now beg me more." Seeing the intense look in his eyes I said "I want you to touch yourself through my dirty panties and then stop when I tell you too. Teasing and stopping over and over again as he felt me slide my strap on into his hole. Grabbing his hips pulling him back onto me as he started to moan out. Hearing me say "This is what happens to bad brothers who sneak into my dirty clothes hamper and decide to put on my panties." Sliding all the way in and all the way out. Stretching that slutty hole open as his moans got very intense. Working my hips round and round as I started to hit that g spot. I said "You horny slut you like the way I'm fucking your man pussy don't you?" Hearing him say "Please call me names Mandy." I said "I know you want me to call you names you faggot!" Hearing his moans of ecstasy as I gave him pleasure like no other has before. Feeling me hit that g spot again as I pulled out then ran my finger up and down his man hole. Toying with him and denying him and edged him on until I gave him those last few thrusts of rimming his hot fucking hole. Deep fast and hard taking my hands as I started to stroke him through my panties. Making him so hungry to explode and release his cum I said "Are you ready to give it to me slut?" He said "Oh yes Mandy please, please, please let me cum " After begging like a faggot I finally allowed him to blow but I told him he had to do it in my panties. And not only did he have to do that but also had to lick up the cum. He said "Do I have to lick my cream?" I said "Yes bitch!" Fucking him in and out I said "If you don't i'm going to pull out and you won't be allowed to cum." As I started to slide out of him he said "Oh no i'll do it Mandy!" He cum so fucking hard his knees buckled and just about collapsed as I said "Now take those panties off and lick them all up for me!" What a good bitch he was and so very obedient. And if I catch him in my panties again he is going to get punished again. Mandy

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm The Naughty Plump Slut On Your Block

I was in my living room laying back on my couch with nothing but a robe on taking my soft pretty hands as I opened up my big thick thighs and started to run my fingers up and down my juicy fat pussy lips as I saw you walk past my window. Stopping dead in your tracks as you saw me taking sliding my fingers inside my fat wet pussy. Looking at you as I took my other hand and stared to push my huge tits up to my mouth and start sucking on my puffy nipples. Getting harder by the second you walked closer to my window getting a closer look as your face grew very intense. I could see the big bulge in your pants growing as I started to finger my cunt faster and faster. As you took your hand and started to run it across the bulge that was getting rock hard in your pants. I knew that you always had a thing for big girls like me. You even told me before that large girls know how to fuck better then skinny ones. As I slid my finger out and started to suck on it and then gesturing you to come inside. As you made your way in you said "My god Mandy your big beautiful body looks so good laying back on that couch like that." As I smiled and said "Thank you baby." As you slid off your shoes at the door and looked at me saying "I'm going to take off my top if that's okay." I looked as I said "Oh yes please take it off baby." Making your way over to me as I slid my robe off and put it next to me. Sliding your pants down as you brought out your big fat cock stroking it right in front of me I looked up at you and said "Can I please stroke it for you?" You looked down and said "Oh yes please stroke it baby." Wrapping my pretty hands around it as I began to pump it nice and slow for you. Hearing you moan out as you said "I have to get down on my knees and taste that fat pussy of yours. Spread those thick thighs open for me Mandy." As you got down on your knees I opened them up wide and opened up my juicy pink pussy lips too. As you took your tongue and began to lick my sweetness.

Taking your tongue as you ran it up and down my lips. Hearing me moan out as you said "Fuck your pussy tastes so good." Sliding it in deeper as I took my hands and started to run them through your hair. Grinding my cunt and huge thighs into your face as you slid your tongue in even deeper. Fucking my hot hole as I started moaning out your name even louder. Then making your way back up to my clitty as it started to pulsate. Feeling you suck in on it and nibble on it with your teeth as I looked up at you with a seductive look in my eyes. Telling me "I want you to get down on your knees and suck my big fat cock." I told you how hungry I was for it as I kneeled down in front of you. Feeling you take your hands as you squeezed my huge tits together. Feeling my hot hungry mouth slide up and down your dick as I made it nice and wet. You have never experienced a large girl like me suck on your cock before. Little did you know that I was very good at sliding long hard things that are meaty in there. As I made my way down even further on your flesh pole. Feeling my tongue slide up and down your shaft as I started to moan all over your shaft. Seeing my big fat ass wiggle back and fourth as you started to pump and fuck my mouth. I could feel the tip of your head hit the back of my throat as I started to choke and gag on it. Hearing you say "Oh fuck you are such a hot large slut baby." As I slid my mouth up hearing you tell me to suck on those full balls. Trailing my tongue down your shaft I took them in my mouth and started to lick and suck on them. As I pumped your dick in my hand. Stroking it as you felt my wet mouth roll your full cum filled balls roll around. Taking them in and out over and over again as you said "I'm going to cum baby are you ready for it?" I said "Oh god yes i've been so hungry for your cum for so long now." As I made my way back up your shaft again. Wrapping my mouth around it sucking it until you blow your thick hot load all over my face and in my mouth.

Looking down at me as I said "Let me clean that cock off baby." As I started to slurp and suck on it again. Listening to you say "Fuck baby you are making my cock hard again I want to fuck that juicy wet pussy of yours." As you slid my mouth up off your dick. Laying my big body down on my couch as you climbed on top of me. Spreading my thick fat legs open and taking the tip of your cock as you started to push it inside of my dripping wet cunt. Feeling how it grabbed and squeezed around your shaft as you fucked me deep and hard. Looking at my huge tits jiggle as your rammed me faster and faster. Hearing my moans of pleasure as you grabbed my round thigh's and wrapped them around your waist. Taking your hands as you pushed my breasts together and felt my wet juices drip down your dick. Squeezing and tugging around your cock as you could feel my hot fat lips tremble around your rod. You knew I was ready to cum as you took your hands and lifted up my big stomach and started to finger my clitty. Hearing you say "Oh baby it's true what they say about fat chicks they know how to fuck so much better then the small thin girls." I said that's right we do and I know how to make your cock feel better and cum harder then they do also." Moaning out your name as I said "Do you want me to cum on that cock baby?" You said "Oh fuck yes because you are going to make me cum again!" As I started to explode all over your cock. This fat juicy pussy was all yours and I wanted your cum deep inside of me so bad filling my cunt up I could taste it. As I started to beg like a slutty whore saying "Please feed my pussy baby!" As you grabbed my fat ass pulling me up on you I could feel you throbbing as you shot a thick hot load deep inside of me. Feeling my muscles grab around your cock and hold it inside of me you said "I can't wait to see you in your window again masturbating like you did today." Are you ready to see what it's like to have your way with a sexy bbw today? I'm in my living room right now touching myself thinking about you. Call me at 1-888-837-3259