Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Caught Watching Porn

After a long day of work you walked in and caught me watching porn. You looked at me laying back on the couch with my massive tits out and my panties pulled to the side and said "Mandy that's my private collection! Were you in my bedroom snooping around again?" I moaned out with my finger sliding in and out of my fat cunt lips and said "Yes I was but I couldn't help myself I was so bored. I had no idea I would find these hot video's." I could tell that you wanted to be mad but seeing me there like this just made it hard for you to be upset. You started to walk over to me and say "You really should not be going in daddy's bedroom you know." I smiled and said "Yes I know but don't you like coming home to find your chubby little girl masturbating?" I could see the bulge in your pants getting harder as you came even closer to me. I said "Don't you want to come over here on this couch with me and watch some porn?" You started to take your top off with this animal look in your face and said "Fuck the porn I'm ready to slide my dick in that juicy pussy." Then dropped your pants and out came out your big fat cock. OH MY GOD it was so long and fat and looked so good. I know that it was wrong for me to be thinking of my own daddy fucking me but I could just not help myself. You stood right in front of me and said "Mandy I am rock hard for you right now and this big fat dick is all yours." I took it in my soft hand and started to slide it between my huge tits. Pushing them around your stick as you pumped in and out. Every time your mushroom head slid at the top of my melons I would take my tongue and run it round and round. Then I took my other hand and started to play with your balls. I released my tits and looked up and said "Face fuck me daddy pleaseeeee." You took your hand and started to push my head down on your meat stick. Feeling my hot wet
mouth slurp and move up and down your shaft.

Pumping it in and out and grinding deeper into my throat. You looked down at me and said "Fuck I've always wondered what it would be like to have my daughters slutty mouth wrapped around my dick." Pushing it in even deeper I started to choke on it. Your pre cum started to slide down my throat and you said "I need your pussy right now get on all fours slut!" I slid my mouth up and got on the floor on my hands and knees with my big round ass up in the air. Looking back at you I said "Fuck me daddy I need your big fat cock in me!" You took the tip of your mushroom head and started to push it deep inside of me. Feeling my meaty pussy lips grab around your shaft and swallow more. You were throbbing inside of me as you took your hand and started to take a big fucking smack of my big ass and said "Don't ever go in my bedroom again and get snoopy!" I moaned out "Daddy please!" Then he moved over to my other ass cheek and took a even bigger smack! Smiling he said "The only time I want you coming in my room is if you are going to fuck me!" Then moving over to my other round ass cheek giving me another smack saying "Do you understand me?!" I said "Yes daddy I do please my big ass is getting red and it really is stinging!" He laughed out and started to really hammer my fat cunt now. Looking at me saying "Whose fucking pussy does this belong too!" I said "Its yours! It's all yours I won't ever give it to anyone else but you!" I could feel the tip of your cock head hit the back of my wall more and more. I placed a grip around your cock so hard and choked it and said "Take this pussy I want you to bury your cock in me so deep I scream!" You said "Oh hell yes that's what I want to hear you whore!" Feeling me grind back into you I said "Daddy give me your cum I want it so bad!!!" With lust in his eyes he said "OOOOOOOOH yes Mandy here it cums you take it all!" He busted a thick and creamy hot load deep inside of my fat pussy walls. And I drank it all up and left none behind.

I can't wait for you to catch me being naughty again....


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chubby Girls Do ANYTHING To Get You Off

They always say that chubby over weight girls are the most slutty and willing to do anything. I can say because I’m bbw that it’s completely TRUE. He called me because he wanted a phone sex slut who had lots and lots of curves and chunky. He said “Mandy you are so fuckin hot with your pretty face I just love chubby girls cause they will do anything to please a man. As soon as he said that my fat juicy pussy got dripping wet. He said I just love those fuckin huge tits of yours baby.” I said “Thank you they are perfect for tit fucking and right now all I want is for you to slide your big fat dick between them.” He asked me how big they were and I said “They are 42 F baby.” I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was fuckin horny and ready to take that cock out and start pumping them in and out. He said “Give me that belly and let me grab them with my hands and squeeze.” And there is no doubt that I have rolls there for him to hold on too. UNLIKE skinny girls who are just made out of bone and have nothing to grab ahold too. His meaty dick was sliding in and out pumping as I took my tongue and started to lick the tip of his swollen cock head. He already had pre cum that was dripping out and it felt like he was ready to pop soon. I looked up at him and said “Let me be your chubby slut and show you why I can get you off more then your girl friend can.” He said “Oh fuck yeah cause that bitch wont do anything I ask her to do.” He slid his cock out of my huge melons and said “Let me grind my cock into your belly Mandy.” It felt like a fat rod of steel rubbing back and forth as I grinded into him. Taking my soft hand and playing with his balls he said “Fat girls turn me on so fuckin much Mandy. I bet you would get on your knees and take it iny our ass wouldn’t you and drink down all my cum too.” I said “Hell yes I’ll take your thick cock in my fucking ass and grab and squeeze onto it. He said “Well right now I just want you to climb on top of me and ride me. I want those huge tits in my face as you are bouncing up and down off my dick. I started to straddle him and spread my lucious thighs across his hips and lower my fat wet cunt down on his massive cock. He took his hands and grabbed my fat round ass and started to squeeze and slap it over and over again. I started to moan out calling myself his chubby slut. Then I said “Your cock feels so good inside of me. Stretch my pussy lips open baby and fuck me deeper and harder.” He started to plow and hammer me with my huge breasts bouncing up and down like jello. Telling me he wishes he could be with a chubby girl because the skinny ones don’t get anywhere near as slutty as he likes. I said “Well right now you are with a chunkie slut and I want your fucking cum so bad I can taste it. My pussy started to grab and squeeze his pole and gripped on it as tight as it could. I could feel his swollen balls smack against my ass. He looked into my eyes and said “Beg for my cum Mandy!” I said “Please shoot your fucking load in my dripping wet pussy I need it so bad!” He took his hands and grabbed my tits and said “Say it again slut@” I said “PLEASE feed my hungry cunt your thick hot cum I’ll do anything if you give it to me!” He said “Oh fuck that’s what I’m talking about!” He grabed ahold of my hips and held me down on his cock and would not let go and shot a huge fucking load deep inside of my pussy. It felt so hot and thick and craemy. I looked at him saying “I just love the way your jizz feels in my fat twat baby.”
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