Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hitchhiker Role Play Phone Sex

Hi everyone guess who? I know it's been like forever right? But all of that is about to change. And what not better way to escape from college courses and all the other things that keep me so busy than partying with some of my naughty close friends. Oh that and sharing unforgettable hitchhiking role play phone sex calls with you! *smiles* I want to apologize because nothing should take me away from that. I also have to admit that I've been having a lot of fun as of late and have not been available to be online. But that all changed last night when i came across this man who turned me on I just had to come here and break that cycle of not posting and start back up again...

So anyway my parents always said "Mandi don't ever accept rides from strangers. Especially late at night or after coming out from a club. Don't ever allow yourself to be in a strange place you know nothing about and don't ever get in the car from someone you just met." They always told me that I could get myself in a lot of trouble and get in a situation that I could not get out of. Normally I may agree with them. But when you are a role play phone sex flirt like I am anything could happen. Just ask the man who picked me up a few nights ago when I was dressed really skimpy showing off a lot of skin. He pulled up to me and it was around 2 am or so right when the club was ready to close. My friends all left with dates and there i was stranded outside the back alley. But then he pulled up in his car as I was walking away. I really didn't want to have to hitch hike. I mean look at how i'm dressed. Wouldn't you say i'm just the kinda girl who loves trouble and getting in situations I cant get out of? There was a long walk home though and my pretty feet didn't want to have to pound the pavement. So when he pulled up he said "Hi there my name is *D* Do you need a ride somewhere?" He looked so handsome and is a older man. Had I come across someone like him in the club I'm sure he would be the one I would have went to a more private place with. But they always say be careful what you wish for because you just may get it! So i walked closer to the car and couldn't help but notice how he was looking at me. I was instantly turned on so i threw all of what my parents said out of the window. And before I knew it there I was in his car.

He looked at me and right away introduced himself. Then I smiled and said "My name is Mandi. I seemed to have gotten myself in a bit of a bind. All my friends left already and here I am with no car." His eyes ran up and down my body and said "That's okay I'll take you wherever you need to go." His smile grew more intense as he said "So it seems like your friends left with dates and you not so much?" I batted my pretty hazel brown eyes at him and said "Well I usually don't like to settle for young guys." Then I moved a little closer and said "I much prefer an older man. And had I come across you at the club then I'm sure we could have really enjoyed ourselves." I have a feeling he could tell that a big plump girl like myself loved to party and shake my big fat round ass. And when it comes to body language and using it I wont hesitate to brush, grind and let a man put his hands all over me on the dance floor. I was still a bit reluctant being a hitchhiking role play phone sex girl. But his body language was so intoxicating I felt myself getting pulled in deeper and deeper. 

I kinda think I'm the kinda bbw who likes to take risks and do things that all the other females wont do. So as we were conversing with each other I couldn't help but notice that we ended up in the country with no one around for miles. I snapped out of it and said "Ummm *D* where are we? This is not the way to my house." He smiled moving in closer to me and said "Mandi I know it's not but I wanted to take a detour and have you all to myself for just a bit." I had to admit the night sky with all the stars out felt like the perfect way to get to know him better. He scooted in even closer to me and said "Why don't we take this and move outside. I have a blanket and something to drink." I couldn't turn that down. And seeing that he loved the outdoors and night sky as much as I do i said "yes that sounds like a wonderful idea to me too." He told me how sexy and hot I look and I smiled and said "Thank you *D* I know i should be dressed with more clothes and some may say i'm asking for trouble by flaunting my big beautiful role play phone sex body off like this that's just the kind of female that I am. I think when you have it you should flaunt it and show it off." My huge watermelon tits looked like they were about to bust out of my top. And my skirt was so fucking short that if a high wind came it would have blown it straight up.

We found the perfect spot and as much as a gentlemen that he was I could also see a man who would go after what he wanted and wouldn't stop until he got it. Men like him turn me on so much. Because they are not afraid to be aggressive and say exactly what's on their mind. So he pulled out a bottle of vodka and I said "Do you have anything to mix that with?" He smiled and said "No this is all I have." My soft hands ran all over my voluptuous body as I said "I'm a big girl you know and even with that being said it doesn't take much of that to get me tipsy. Right at that moment I knew this hitchhiking role play phone sex slut was about to be something either one of us would ever forget. And before you know it I'll be doing things that may make me appear to be a very bad girl." I'm sure he liked that though and even got turned on by it. What guy wouldn't get turned on by a big girl like me who has very few limitations if any at all. He handed the bottle to me and I started to lick and suck on the bottle just as if it was his hard throbbing dick in my pretty mouth. And by now getting over being reluctant, hesitant, uneasy and on reserve about where we were the vodka started to take over. I got giggly after only taking a few shots and said "Ohhhh it's happening! I can feel myself getting all tingly! And I feel reeeeeeeeeal good!" 

By then his hands started to touch me all over. He asked me to come out of my clothes and I knew I should have said no but something kept luring me in and all I could say was "yes yes yeeeeeeeeeees." His hands moved from my mouthwatering tits and before I knew it his fingers were sliding under my very wet panties and pushing them in my juicy wet pussy. My hands started touching him all over as I looked at him and said "I think something in your pants is very hard and ready to come out." I started to stroke it nice and slow and then seconds later his pants were all the way off with his dick right in my face. I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to have rub across my shiny painted lips. No amount of food could ever compare to being able to suck and lick on his stiff cock. But as wet as my panties were I didn't really need to suck and beg him to fuck my slutty mouth. My sweet cunt was so wet it didn't need any more lubrication. He grabbed my huge tits as I slid his pole between them and he climbed on top of me and stared to rub his cock head against my juicy fat pussy.

I was so ready to prove to him how much of a role play phone sex slut I could be for him.  In my sweet submissive voice I said "Oh please fuck me *d* I know i shouldnt want this because i don't know you and i have no idea if you are going to hurt me or not." He looked down at me and said "Mandi there is no way I would ever hurt you. But right now my cock is so fucking hard by seeing how sexy and slutty you look I just can't control myself." I didn't want him too either. I was turned on to not know what could happen. And knowing that he didn't give a shit about where we were and living dangerously like that made my bald pink pussy even wetter. He pushed that big dick in my cunt and felt my tight lips squeeze and choke his shaft. My legs over his shoulder as he pushed his cock even deeper in me. And my dirty talking mouth just made it that much more intense. 

Yes I have to admit I'm not the kind of chubby girl who gets off on huffing and puffing. I love dirty talk and all I wanted was to make him cum so hard and make him feel like no other girl ever has. He knew how slutty I am. He knew I didn't mind being a dirty whore either. And to prove that his fingers started to slide in my tight juicy ass. I felt my insides tighten up as I said "I usually don't let a man slide his fingers in my ass like that. But when it comes to a man like you I will beg for more. With every thrust of his throbbing cock I could feel my pink fuck box getting closer to cumming. But being the sweet submissive slut that I am I was going to wait until I knew he was ready to blow his load deep inside of me. I could feel his full balls smack against my big round ass and his fingers by now was pounding my ass. He started to clutch into me and my fucking pussy grabbed around his dick so tight we started to cum again and again. And with every quiver to my clitty and pussy it was just more intense. 

Maybe if I stand outside my front door with my big round ass bent over like this he may just drive by and want to share more of his roleplay phone sex fantasies with me.  


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