Friday, October 2, 2015

Kinky Phone Sex Princess

Hi guys do you know how much I truly love making your cock rock hard for me? There's a few things I like even more and that's hearing about all of your kinky phone sex fantasies. I love being the big and busty girl who gives you exactly what you want just as I love making you cum harder than any chubby girl ever has. I mean just check out all the jizz on my huge watermelon tits on my picture below. And i'd like to think that the dick painting my tits up is you exploding all over them. And you know as I look up at you smiling that i'm going to lick it all up like the hungry cum slut I am. Right now I can't help but think about a call I did with a really kinky man a few days ago. He was wanting something kinky and dirty with a fat girl like me who has no limit's. When he walked into my office he said "Mandi i'm here for my prostate exam and I heard you are one of the best nurses around. Needless to say that I could not deny how right he was. He seemed to be a little submissive and since his first examination was going to be with me, I wanted to make sure he was totally relaxed and turned on. I took him back to my examination room and I could notice that he could not take his eyes off of me. Maybe it was my extra sexy and slutty nurses outfit I chose to wear. I looked at him smiling and said "Frank I cleared my whole day just for you." He smiled as his eyes roamed up and down my big beautiful body. We talked for a bit as I was super flirty and suggestive with him. I asked him general questions and then handed him a bag and said "I'm going to need you to take your pants and shorts off for me." 

I could tell this kinky phone sex loving man was already set to go because when I turned back around he was already naked with his arms out to slide the gown on that I had for him. I walked up to him and said "Let me help you slide this on." I brushed my huge tits against his chest as I smiled up at him. I could already tell that his dick was rock hard and ready. I looked into his eyes and said "I'm not like your typical RN do you know why?" He cleared his throat and said "Why is that Mandi?" But I knew he already did by how short my skirt was. Not to mention how it showed off my big thick thighs and round fat ass. I bent over into him giving him an eye full of my big fucking 42 FF tits that looked like they were ready to bust out of my corset. I'm the type of slut who loves to push boundaries.I also like having mine pushed. Even when it come to how I dress and coming face to face with my patience. I told him to touch me all over. I wanted to feel his hands grope and squeeze my mouthwatering melons. And I wanted to feel him take his hands and run them all over my round fat ass and creamy thick thighs. I couldn't help but admit that my pretty panties were getting wetter by the second. And by the time I had him turned around bent over with his legs spread, I knew that was the perfect time to grab my medical gloves and ky to start the examination procedure. As I lubed up I said "prepare yourself baby. This is going to be intense, mind boggling and unforgettable." As I took every step I warned him before it happened. 

He looked back at me as I smiled and said "Now relax baby i'm going to slide one finger in first to feel your prostate." I gently took my finger as I spread his ass cheeks open and slowly started to push. "MMMMM it feels so good and tight in there. And so far I don't feel anything that would cause you to be alarmed." I could tell that even though his kinky hole was super tight it was almost as if he was pulling my finger in even deeper. I pushed my huge tits against his back and said "I'm going to slide another finger in now and really start to work and pump that prostate." He moaned out louder as I took my other hand and wrapped it around his dick. I whispered in his ear "Does that feel good? Do you like how your kinky dirty fucking nurse is pumping your hole baby? I told you I didn't have any limits and I told you I was one of the dirtiest chubby sluts around. I really know how to work that fucking ass and dick and I know it won't be long until you are ready to blow that sticky load for me." He reached behind himself and started toying with my big thigh's and tried to make his way under my panties. I pushed him further on the table and had my fingers so deep in him that he said "Oh fuck Mandi this feels so good! No one has ever pumped my prostate and fucked my ass so good!" I said "prove it then and give me your delicious cum right now!" I kept sliding my fingers in and out faster and deeper until he was ready to cum. I turned him around as my fingers slid out of his ass and his dick was aimed right at my tits. I started toying with his ass again as my hand was pumping his cock. I dropped to my knees and MMM MMM MMM all that tasty cum exploded all over my huge tits. I looked up at him as I started licking and sucking on my finger and said "Oh that tastes so good Frank." He looked down at me as I slid my fingers back in his ass and he said "That was so fucking hot Mandi. I have never cum as hard as I did right now. And you truly are a kinky phone sex slut." 

Hmmm I'm very thirsty and I want more. 


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