Monday, May 9, 2016

Plumper Phone Sex With Slutty Mandi

Some of my best qualities are my huge watermelon tits and round voluptuous ass. Not to mention my creamy thick thighs, soft experienced hands, warm and very hungry mouth and fat dripping wet juicy pussy. Those are just some of my best features that always seems to come into play when I get myself into trouble. But then again lot's of men know I love trouble *smiles* Especially when it comes to plumper phone sex and giving you exactly what you want. And that's just what I got myself into when I went to a college basketball game this past Sunday. As I stood there picking out the perfect outfit to wear I thought "do I want to wear a bra today or let my huge breasts be free?" Because yes I have to admit when a man finds out that I'm not wearing a bra and can see my hard nipples piercing through my shirt all they can think about is getting me somewhere and treat me like the slut that I truly am. Just ask the security officer who kindly escorted me out of that college basketball game. In fact everyone there got a close up look of my tits and panty covered pussy. Some of my girlfriends and I had a little too much alcohol and I got a dare from my BFF. She smiled at me and said "Mandi I bet you wont stand up and flash those huge tits too everyone. And I bet you wont flash your pretty panties either!" I looked at her in a snarky way and said "Oh really? Now you know once you present me with a dare that I'm not the type of girl that's going to chicken out. I suppose I did it at the perfect time too because all eyes were on the huge screen and everyone was gawking and drooling at my plump body.

When the officer walked up to me he said "I have to kindly escort you out and call the police because people are distracted by what you are doing." I walked up to him pretending not to notice the fat bulge in his pants. As we made our way out of the bleachers. I looked at him and batted my pretty lashes and said "must you call the authorities on me Sir? Isn't there something that I could do to make you forget about all of this? I mean I admit I drank too much but one of my best friends dared me to do something! And it was much too fun of a dare to say no." He looked at me and said "So you are a girl who likes to push boundaries huh? Well do you think that body of yours is going to save you from what's about to happen? Do you think you can use it to get yourself out of lock up?" I said "Like the game monopoly when you get that card that gets you out of jail for free?" He said "Yes that's exactly what I'm talking about young lady." When we arrived back in his office he could not take his eyes off of me. I kept looking between his legs noticing the bulge getting so hard it looked like it wanted to pop out. Something told me he liked plumper phone sex too. He cleared his throat as he saw me fondling my huge tits and toying with my mini skirt. He walked up to me and said "Just what do you think you are looking at Missy?" I giggled and said "the big bulge that's in your pants. And I really am hungry and thirsty right now." I brushed my big beautiful body into his and said "Something tells me you liked what you saw. In fact I think the reason why you really came to get me was so you could have me all to yourself." He put his big strong hand over my mouth and said "That's enough talking now. You know I didn't have a choice but to do what I did. Too many people were not able to focus on the game because the crowd was more engaged in what's under your shirt and skirt." I smiled and started to slowly come out of my clothes and said "You mean these big bouncy tits and fat tight pussy sir?" He tried to compose himself and said "Amazing baby. I love that large body of yours. I bet you can do a lot with it too cant you? That's why big girls make my dick rock hard because they will do whatever it takes to make a man like myself happy."

I took his hands and put my finger up to my mouth and said "Shhhhh I wont tell anyone if you wont. And I think we should put that theory to the test. I mean I did say I would do anything to make you happy just as long as you don't call the cops on me." I didn't have to do much convincing because I showed him just what this curvy body was capable of doing. I got down on my knees as I started to talk really dirty to him. My large 42 FF tits were expose and so was his meaty knife stick. It was so big and hard and ready to slide between my massive jugs. And my hungry mouth engaged in taking his tool deep inside. I sucked, licked and slurped all over his dick just like it was my favorite kind of sausage and tasted his pre cum as it dripped down my throat. He looked down at me sliding his wet dick out and started to give me a mind blowing tit fuck. I looked up at him as my eyes flooded with water from choking on his dick and said "I'm the kind of plumper phone sex slut who will do it any and everywhere. In fact just the other night I got in trouble at a club and the bouncer brought me in the back alley. He bent me over and pulled my panties to the side and started to pump and drill my fucking holes." He said "you seem to have a thing for men of authority." I smiled and said "yes I suppose I do but to be honest I love all men. I love to be super flirty and drive them crazy. And when they cant take it anymore after trying to resist they just cant take it anymore Sir.And they give in, Kinda like how you are doing right now."

My soft hand was jacking his dick as I said "You are losing control aren't you? Oh and I should let you know that your dick is one of the biggest that I have ever seen. It's amazing officer." As soon as I said that he brought me up to my feet and started to grope and fondle me everywhere. And when his manly hands made his way between my creamy thighs he started to tease, toy and finger my fat fucking pussy. And right at that moment is when he pushed me down on his couch and started to drill my tight holes. First nailing my juicy fat pussy just feeling the way it took control of his dick. The more he thrust the tighter it gripped and chocked his shaft. His finger slid in my fat tight ass too. He looked down at me and took one deep clutch. My sexy legs were planted around his waist and I looked up at him and said "I want it please sir I want it so bad. And I really want to be your favorite BBW that you come too for all of your plumper phone sex fantasies." All eight inches of his dick was plunged deep in my pussy walls. He let out a scream and shot every last drop of cum all over me. I never got drenched in so much jizz before! He looked down at me and said "I wanted to keep my dick inside of you. But when I felt you cum all over it I knew I had to take it out because I didn't want to risk knocking you up. I smiled and said I'm on the pill officer because I love a bare stiff dick. So the next time you catch me being a bad girl I hope you shoot your load deep inside of me." I smiled as I cleaned his dick off. Licking up and down his shaft not forgetting about his balls that were starting to fill back up again. He looked down at me and said "You really are a dirty girl aren't you Mandi?" I smiled and said "If you only knew how much..."

Needless to say that before I left his office he handed me his card and said "You got your get out of jail free card baby.Here is my private number and e mail please use it." I gave him a big smile and said "Until we meet again baby...."

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