Monday, June 15, 2009

Let Me Drive Your Cock Wild

It's the start of the week and sometimes it can be hard after having a relaxing weekend. I'm laying back right now thinking of how today should be called Mondays are made for moaning. The best kind of moaning you could think of....

Just think about my pink puffy pussy lips and you right between my thick thighs. See how hot and wet they are for you as you take your fingers and slide them up and down. Do you want to take a taste? MMMM why don't you put your finger up to my mouth so I can take a taste also. You take your tongue as you start to slide it up and down my lips. With my hips thrusting round and round. Hearing me moan out as you unzip your pants and take your big fat dick out. Pressing your tongue in even deeper. I look down at you and say "Baby I love the way your tongue feels sliding across my fat pussy lips." You start to tongue fuck me teasing me knowing I want something more. Making circles around my clitty you flick it back and forth. Looking up at me as I push my huge 42 F tits together. Do you want to drown your face and cock in them? Would you like to squeeze them together as I grind faster into your tongue? You slowly move away as you are stroking your big fat cock saying "You want this don't you slut?" I say "Yes I do baby I want your cock so bad." You say back "Beg for it baby." I'm laying back masturbating as I say "Please will you slide your big fat meat in my slutty holes? I'll do anything if you feed it to me." Looking at my tits pushed together and my finger sliding in my dripping wet cunt you say "MMMMM you are a horny fucking slut aren't you?" I say "Yes I am just for you..." Pumping your dick in your hand you start to put it right in my face trying to decide which hole you want to give it to first. Teasing me until I cant stand it anymore. Come on and experience what this sexy BBW can do to you. Ram it deep inside of any hole you want until we both explode together. My hot fuck holes are all you will ever need....and my sexy hot talking mouth to go with it...

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I'm ready to drive your big fat cock wild...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daddy Will Always Be My Pervy Dirty Slut

I'm here now thinking about my daddy and how hard he gets for me. He always tells me how he thinks about my warm wet pussy and how he likes to watch me masturbate. Sometimes daddy liked to hide in my closet and spy on me touching myself. Seeing me lay back on my bed in bed in a pair of my over sized panties. He gets so hard when I spread my luscious thighs and expose my fat pussy. And he also loves my huge 42 F tits. He always gets so rock hard for me more then anyone i've ever known. Sometimes when I have sleep overs he liked it when I would catch him spying on us. I would make him take out his cock and show my girl friends how hard he gets. My daddy has always been a pervert. He got so embarrassed knowing that he would have to strip out of his clothes and do whatever I told him to do. Knowing if he told me no then I would have to tell my mommy that he was secretly looking at us. So he has no choice but to be my toy for me to use. In front of all of my friends. I love pushing his limits because he knows no one can do it as good as I can. I would look at him and giggle saying "Don't be afraid daddy." Seeing his dick get even harder." I will make him do things to amuse me like lay back on the bed with his legs wide open and play with his cock. Sometimes I would even bring out my vibrator and make him fuck his tight ass hole with it. Daddy swears that it's so humiliating but by the way his dick gets hard I know he really likes it. My friends and I laugh as we see him moaning out like a bitch with his hand pumping his rock hard cock. And his horny hole getting stretched open more and more. And when you think that I would not make him do any more I would prove how dirty he is and make him slide that vibrator out of his ass and suck on it. Daddy is such a dirty whore. I can stick anything in his ass that I want and he won't tell me no. I'll use beer bottles, Ice cubes, anal pumps, my strap on, an enema or whatever else I can think of. I've even made him suck our k-9's cock before. And if daddy wants to prove that he has no limits me and all of my girl friends will make him our own personal toilet. Just think about all of us standing over you with our slutty outfits on ready to pee. One by one standing over your face to lower down and pull our panties to the side and make you our piss drinking slut. I know you like seeing our fat pussies up close and feeling us grind down on your mouth. And I know how much you like to take your tongue and slide in our dripping wet fat cunts. You know it's the closet you will ever get to feeling it. I will never let you fuck my pussy. And you know why because it's just too small to please me. How could you expect for a four inch pecker to give me what I want. So your tongue will be the only thing to experience how tight wet and creamy it is. And besides if mommy had any clue of some of the things that he did she would be so pissed. So having that leverage and making you my toy is all that I need. I know you want to cum now don't you? You want to be a good bitch for me? You know I love you daddy. And you know i'll always be your favorite big beautiful girl. I want to play with you.... Call 1-888-83-3259 ask for Mandy