Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pound Me So Hard The Earth Moves

I'm a chubby slut who loves guy's with big fat dicks. (I like the little ones too but mostly to laugh at and humiliate) I'm a bit of a short girl so I always think about a man who is taller then me that I can look up at. One who's cock has a raging hard on just ready to bust out of his pants. Me dressed in something hot and sexy as I do a strip just for you. All of the sudden your dick is in hand ready to slide between my luscious thighs. Just ready for me to wrap around your waist so you can fuck my tight fat pussy. And you know it's dripping wet for you. All I can think about is your fat hard cock pushing into my plushy pussy. Feeling the softness as you start to pound me deep and hard. Feel me grip and squeeze around your dick as you fuck me so hard my huge tits start to bounce like jello. No one can fuck me like you do. It feels so good my body starts tremble like a earthquake. You start to suck on my nipples and suck them as you fuck me faster and faster. The sensation starts to intensify as you pile drive my cunt and make me scream out your name. "Oh fuck me harder! My pussy never gets this wet for anyone but you! I want to be your slutty whore and fuck you so good you explode!" You start to feel my fat pussy muscles start to grip and pull you in me deeper. Ready to choke as waves move through my tight walls and I start to flood your cock with my creamy pussy. Squirting more with every stroke of your long hard cock. Its almost like you are digging into a fat cantulope. And there isn't any way that I wont be able to take it. As long as you fill up my slutty holes with your thick hot cum. There isn't anyone that doesn't know that chubby girls have the tightest wet pussy around. Cum take a taste of my pink juicy platter.

Mandy - 1-888-837-3259

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