Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Night Big Brother Rammed My Hot Holes

Hi big brother it has been about a week since I have given you the hot wet blow job and fuck of a life time. It was a late night and you just got back from hanging out with your friends. As you walked in the door and saw me laying back on the couch watching porn. As I had my big legs spread wide open I took my fingers touching my juicy pussy lips. With my other hand pushing my big 42 F tits up to my mouth sucking on my nipples. You looked down at me as you said "Fuck Mandy you look so hot laying back there masturbating like that." You knew that it was wrong to have a thing for your younger sister but you didn't really care. And I also knew that you had a thing for fat chicks more then you did the skinny ones. Every time you thought about looking at the way that I was dressed in my over sized panties and matching big bra your dick would stiffen instantly. You told me "Damn girl I love the way your big stomach hangs over your panties like that. And your big fucking tits look like they are about to bust out of that bra. Seeing me as I teased and seduced you saying "You like my jelly rolls don't you? I do wear them better then any other big girl you have ever seen." Knowing how wet and creamy my pussy gets for you. Knowing that the sweat that drips on my panties from being so large gave you such naughty thoughts. As you stand here watching me be a complete and total slut looking at this porn getting wetter by the second you know all I can think about is you dropping your pants for me and bringing that big fat meaty cock out. I wanted a replay of what we had the other night. I looked at you seductively saying "Give me your dick big brother. I know you want to slide it in my hot wet mouth and feel me sucking on it again. Pumping it in as my mouth slides up and down your shaft. Deep throating it as you wrap your hand around my pretty long brown hair shoving my mouth down on it deeper. Making me gag on it as it hits the back of my throat. Sliding my hot lips up off of it as I trail my tongue down to your balls and suck on those balls. Rolling them around in my mouth as you moan out calling me your dirty fucking whore.

I look up at you saying "Come on now I want you to fuck my huge tits. Pump that throbbing hard cock between them and feel me push them around that fat dick. You know your meat wants to slide in and out. And when you get finished there I want you to bend me over the couch and spread my big fat thighs open and get ready to pump my pussy. Looking back at you as I say "You want to fuck your younger sister don't you? And I know you want to take your hands and slap my big fat round ass and make it jiggle." You love it when I talk like a raunchy slut. As I take my hand and reach behind me and start to finger my dripping wet pink cunt. Looking into your eyes saying "Ram my slutty pussy baby. Shove your dick in me." Soon as I said that you started to smack my ass cheeks back and forth and started to fuck my hot wet hole. Sliding it in as you could feel my juicy lips grab around your cock and pull and grab on it. Oh yea you know I crave that rod in me. Looking as my huge tits shook like jello. Feeling your cock throb deep inside of me as you said "Mandy you know I don't give a damn about you being my sister. And you know that I want your big beautiful body all the time." As you grabbed my hips and started to ram my fat twat even deeper. Grinding my fat ass back onto you as I started choking your cock even tighter. You looked at me and said "Where do you want my cum baby?" I said "The last time you shot it all over my tits and in my hungry mouth. But now I want you to shoot it in my hungry pussy." You said "Beg me bitch like the hungry whore that you are." I said "Give me that fucking cum big brother! My pussy needs it so bad please do not deny it all of that hot sticky jizz." As I put a grip and lock around your cock and squeezed like a slut who was ready to drain you like you needed to be. Talking like a slut saying "You know this pussy belongs to you and nobody can fuck me like you can." Soon as I said that you shot all of that hot cum deep inside of me. I said "Ohhhh ya my pussy is your cum dumping station baby. I just cant get enough." Are you ready for more? Then give me a call and let's do it again... Come find me in our free sex chat room or just call me at 1-888-837-3259 for hot BBW phone sex

Your slutty sis,

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