Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Made Me His Grown Up Slutty Girl

It was the weekend and all of my friends were out on dates except for me. No one liked me cause I was chubbier then the other girls. Daddy came home asked me why I wasn't out having fun. I told him that no one wanted to take me out so I was going to spend my night at home. I was really sad too but I didn't know what to do about it. Daddy looked at me and said everything was going to be okay. I could not help but notice how he was looking at me and smiling. He said "Mandy I know you are only 14 years old but you are really starting to develop quite nicely. He could not take his eyes off of my breasts and he had this look in his eyes that I've never seen before. I asked him where mom was at but he said she would not be back until later. He looked at me and said "Come upstairs with me Mandy I want to show you something in my bedroom." When we got up to his room he told me part of the reason why I wasn't getting any dates was I go to school dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts and I hide my body. I told him that I was not comfortable because my breasts were really big and when I wear tight fitting tops guy's keep starring at them. Then daddy went to the closet and pulled out some of mommy clothes and wanted me to try some on. First he told me to take off of my clothes and slide on her tight dress. And then he handed me some of her panties and said " Mandy you should wear sexier ones because your are too big." Then he handed me a pair of her slutty pumps. Then he handed me one of her favorite see through tops and said "This is an outfit she likes to wear when her and him were going to have a special night together. I could see daddy getting very excited and also noticed the bulge that was growing in his pants. He said "Turn around for me baby and show that outfit off for me." He started to moan out and then take his hand and run it between his legs.

He said "You look so hot in that outfit baby I'm really starting to get excited." Then he told me to take that off and put on one of her see through white teddies with the matching panties. I told him being dressed in her clothes really makes me feel like a grown up. Daddy was naked by then and told me that his cock was really getting big from seeing me dressed like her. I could not take my eyes off of him because his cock was so big and hard. I could feel my panties start to get very wet and I started thinking about things that I know I shouldn't. He looked at me and said he didn't want her to know that I was dressed like her because I looked hotter then her and she would be jealous and mad. So I promised daddy that I would never say anything about trying on her clothes. He handed me some of her make up and said "Now Mandy I want you to put on some of her red lipstick and eye shadow. And put on some of this blush too so I can see how you look." So I applied all of her make up on and turned around and showed it to him. He looked at me and put his hand around his cock and said "Oh my god baby now this is how you should dress going to school. You look so fucking hot." Stroking it nice and slow and telling him mommy would not like it though and would tell me no. He said I know she will that's why she has you dressing the way that you do because she doesn't want you to look better then her." Daddy told me he was going to take me shopping though and that he would handle her himself. He walked closer to me and said Have you ever seen a cock or a naked man before Mandy?" I said "No i've never seen a naked man before." My body started to get all tingly all over and I wondered if it was wrong for me to be feeling the way that I was about my own daddy but he said it was okay.

He said "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed baby and take daddy's big fat cock in your hand." So I did as he asked and said "Okay daddy." I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft and he said "Ohhhh yes baby I want you to stroke daddy's cock up and down." It was so hard and so fat and the look in his eyes were so intense. Then he told me to lick my fingers and hand and stroke his cock. So I started to suck on my fingers and run my tongue all over the palm of my hand and then wrap it back around daddy's cock. It was much wetter then and slid up and down. I could see something creamy drip from the tip of daddys cock and he said "Oh my fuck I want you to get down on your knees for daddy and take his cock in your mouth." I looked up at him and said "I've never sucked a cock before and I don't know how to do it. Will you teach me how?' He said "Yes baby i'll teach you how to suck daddy's big dick." He said "Open up your pretty painted lips and slide it around daddy's cock head. And make sure you open wide so it fits." I looked up and did what he said and started to lower his penis head into my wet mouth. He looked down and said "yes baby just like that. Pretend that you are sucking on a popsicle stick." Sliding down even further he moaned out saying "Yes just like that. MMMM suck my big daddy dick" I was slurping on it as it stretched my mouth open and I could feel how hard it was and the way that it throbbed. He looked into my eyes and said "You really do suck so good Mandy I'm getting so excited." He said "Can you take more in for me? I want my cock head to hit the back of your throat. You may gag on it a bit but that will be okay." So I slid my lips down further. My eyes started to water the more it slid in. Before I knew it I found myself choking and gagging all over his cock. And he really did start to pump it in deep and fast. He moaned out saying "Okay that's enough baby you are going to make me explode down your throat." Pulling me up saying "You can't say anything about whats happening between us especially what i'm going to ask you to do next." Stroking his hard cock faster and faster. I said "I promise it will be between us only." He said "Now I want you to take off mommy's panties and nighty." He climbed on top of me and started to kiss and suck my nipples. I started to moan out and say "Oh daddy that feels so good I can really feel my sweet pussy lips start to get wet." Running his tongue in circles he said "OHHHH baby girl I bet they are."

Kissing his way down my body he started to take his tongue and lick my fat little pussy and clit. Running up and down and round and round. Sliding his tongue inside of me deeper and deeper he looked up at me and said " No one would ever do this to me but me okay baby?" Then he made his way down to my plump ass. Saying "Your ass tastes so good Mandy I want you to always keep it clean for daddy okay?" I said "Yes daddy I promise it will never be dirty." His tongue ran up and down my hole. First teasing me and then he slid it inside. Moaning out I said "Oh that feels so good. Daddy is making me feel very naughty things." When I said that he stuck his tongue in even deeper. Going in and out faster and faster. My pussy was dripping wet by now and the juices were leaking down to my ass cheeks. He looked up at me and said "Mandy I'm ready to fuck you now. Get on all fours and put that round ass up in the air for me." He warned me and said "But it's really going to hurt baby I want to let you know. And because you look so much hotter then mommy I'm going to be rougher then I am with her. He crawled behind me and took the tip of his cock head and burried it deep inside of my virgin pussy. Holding me down as he thrusts in and out. Forcing his way inside I moaned out so loud that our next door neighbors could hear me. He said "Fuck you have a tiny little cunt!" Ramming me deeper and faster he took his big hand and smacked my ass. Saying "Look at that plump ass jiggle when I slap it." Hearing me scream out "Daddy your cock is too big for me! It's really stretching me open!" He said "But you like it don't you, you fucking slut!" Pushing my head into the bed he took his hand and wrapped it around my neck and started to choke me saying "Now you are daddy's little fucking whore aren't you Mandy!" I said "Yes daddy i'm your whore I'll always be your slut!" Squeezing my pussy lips around his cock as he nailed me and took what he wanted. He said "Get ready for my cum you fucking slut i'm ready to shoot it deep in your tiny hole. He pushed me down and locked his cock inside of me and shot all of it in me and filled me up. And then he said "Now that you are big girl you are going to get treated like one." And he slid his cock out of me and I looked at him and said thank you for turning me into a grown up daddy." Giggling and giving him a kiss. I cant wait for mommy to leave again so I can be his grown up girl...

Kisses daddy!

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