Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late Night Prowler Takes What He Wants

I am thinking about you..the way that you look at me with those suspicious eyes. The way I always see your curtains move when you see me at home. Or late nights after I come back in from having some fun with my bf I see your porch light come on. Are you spying on me when i'm in his car giving him a sloppy wet blow job? Are you standing in your living room with your dick out stroking as you see my head sliding up and down his shaft? I know you must have been because you picked the perfect moment to sneak in my house and come in my bedroom and have your way with me. I was laying down in my bed and heard my door as it creaked open. As soon as I opened up my eyes you put your hand over my mouth and told me "Shhhhh Mandy don't say one fucking word we wouldn't want your room mate hearing us." You started to tear off my top and slid my panties off and said "Look at those huge tits my dick would look so good sliding between them." Taking his hands feeling me up he said "Now open up your fucking legs so I can look at that juicy fat pussy." He took his cock out of his pants and said "Stroke it slut. Watch it grow in your hand." I laid there and didn't move it was like my big body was frozen. He said "I'm not going to ask you again Bitch!" I was about to scream out but he put his hand over my neck and started to choke me and I immediately started to stroke it for him. It got so big and hard I could feel it throbbing as my soft hand slid up and down his shaft. He said "As much as I want to feel my dick sliding in all of your juicy holes I just came here for one thing tonight and that's to take that fat pussy. I tried to close my legs up but by the time I did he climbed on top of me and said "Keep them open Mandy." He was stroking off his cock taunting me telling me how long he had been watching me and beating himself off because he thinks i'm so fucking hot and slutty. He told me that he had to come over tonight because he saw me in the car giving head to my boy friend. He said "I bet your are one hot cock sucking slut aren't you? A fucking deep throat whore." Then he told me how much he things big chunky girls are so hot. He took his tongue and started to lick me up my body. Until he got up to my nipples and then I felt a sharp thrust that stretched my tight fat pussy lips open. I said "Please don't do this! You are hurting me!" But he would not listen he just held my thick thighs open and kept pinning me down. His thrusts became more intense as he started calling me names. He said "I bet you are a dirty whore aren't you?" The tears were rolling out of my eyes as he started nailing me faster and deeper. Harder and harder. Grinding his dick into me. His balls were huge and filled with cum. And it felt like he was going to split my big fat pussy wide open. He said "Big fucking bitches like you make my dick so hard I won't stop until I get exactly what I want. My voice whimpered as I tried to push my pussy muscles and force his cock out of me and I said "What is that?" He said "That's my huge fucking load of cum deep inside of your fat cunt." I started to cry out more and I said "Oh please don't cum in my pussy what if I get pregnant?" He put all of his weight on me and said "I don't give a fuck about that you slut you deal with it!" Ramming and pounding and pumping me so hard he said "I will dump my fucking load in you." And that's when he pushed the tip of his dick head all the way in me and held himself and locked inside of me and I could feel all of his cum filling me up. Moaning out like he was some kind of sick prowler. Looking into my eyes saying "I'll be back to take more next time so beware!

See ya soon Mr Prowler

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