Monday, November 2, 2009

Have You Had Your Slutty Secretary Today?

He called me for a hot role play phone sex call this morning. I was his admin assistant and he knew when he hired me that I was going to be a real slut. I have been working for him for about a month now and have already gotten a reputation for being the office whore. I'm thinking about all the hot and sexy men who like girls that have a little extra to hold on to like me. They all look at my huge tits when they walk past my desk. Giving me this "I want to squeeze those melons or slide my raging dick between them." And when I make my rounds and believe me I do with all the guys in here I think of who I will be flirting with next. There is this hot guy who works in shipping and receiving. He just got hired a few days ago and he is so fucking hot. One evening when he didn't have any orders coming in I made my way down to him. Dressed in a sexy business outfit showing off as much cleavage that's allowed I made my way over to him. He is 6'4 blonde hair with a very muscular body. And VERY handsome. I tried to resist him but I could not. No one else was around so I knew that was my time to get to know him better. I walked over to him as he was sorting all of his packages out and I said in a seductive way "Do you need some help with that or would you like to take a break for a bit?" My huge breasts rubbed against his back and then around to his arm. Then I smiled saying "How do you like working in this department?" He smiled back not able to take his eyes off of my tits saying "I REEEALLLLY like them a lot." Then he said "Oh I mean I like working for this department a lot." I giggled and said "Well if you meet me back in my office in 15 minutes I'll show you how much you will REALLY like it." Taking my hands to move them across my body. His eyes moved up and down as he was standing directly in my zone. Then he said "Is that right Mandy." I said "Yes it is..." I walked back up to my office and when he got there he saw me standing there in nothing but my bra and panties and pumps. I was sitting on the couch with my legs slightly open. His mouth dropped immediately as soon as he saw me. I stood up and walked over to him so he could see all of me. He walked over to me and said "Fuck Mandy you are a real slut aren't you? I've heard all of the rumors around the office about how you get around and how much you like sucking dick and getting those luscious tits fucked. I walked a bit closer to him and said "All those rumors you heard are true with lots more to ad." I could see the bulge in his pants about to bust out. I could only imagine what he wants to do with me. Maybe let me get down on my knees and feel my warm wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft. Or maybe he wants to give me a hot wet tit fuck and feel my melons wrap around his shaft as he pumps in and out. Or maybe he's just thinking "I want to bend this chubbie cutie over her desk and slide my big fat dick in her fat wet pussy and see how much of a slut she really is." I looked at him and said "What are you waiting for baby I know you have a lot of cum in those balls just waiting to be drained up by me.

If you were him and knew that I was ready to be a naughty girl for you what would you do? I would love for you to be my shipping and receiving clerk... Call me and let me be your hot
phone sex slut and lets fuck baby...

Mandy - 1-888-837-3259

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