Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Admission At The Parking Garage

Last Friday I went to go visit one of my friends at the federal building and when I went to go park my car in the garage I saw my favorite security officer standing inside of his shack. He is such a hot guy. 6'5, 185 pounds with a very muscular body and always smells so good. I always try to make sure I show up when he is around because I can always get a "free pass" and don't have to pay. I was wearing a very short dress that fit like a body glove. And it was very low cut so it showed off a lot of cleavage. When I pulled up I said "Hi James it's good to see you today." Giving him a flirty smile and a very hot look. I made sure before I got there that the top part of my breast was exposed. So much to where one of my huge tits popped out. I had to make it worth his while so I could get in free. You should have seen the look on his face when he looked down in my car to talk to me. It was like his eyes were about to pop out of his head hehe. He had the biggest smile I've ever seen and he could not even focus on anything but looking me up and down. So I made sure to have my hand right on top of my melons and started to toy around with my nipples. I could start to see a bulge in his pants rise up as my nipples started getting very hard. He cleared his throat and said "Um Mandy let me get you a ticket to put in your car." I started squeezing my tits together and said "Oh I'm sorry about my breasts being exposed but they are just so huge sometimes they just slip out." Then under his voice he said "That's not the only thing that's huge baby." And then looked down at his pants noticing that he was rock hard. So when he went back in his shack he came back with my ticket and on it there was his name address phone number and e mail address. And when he looked back down in the car he noticed that my breasts were back down in my dress. I took the permit and slide it down between my breasts and smiled. After I finished visiting with my friend I came back with a note to him telling him how hot I think he was and also had my contact information on it. I rolled down the window and handed it to him saying "If you ever find yourself in my area and want a hot time with a slutty girl be sure to give me a call. I'll make it something you never forget." Then I took my finger and ran it across my lips and started to suck on it. He took the note and started rubbing it on his crotch and said "MMMM baby you are fine as hell and I like chubby sluts like you. So I'll make sure to give you a call on my next day off."

If you were him what would you want to do when you show up at my house? Let me show you how much of a naughty slut I can be for you and give me a call at 1-888-837-3259 and ask for Mandy

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