Monday, January 18, 2010

Lick A Lotta My Plump Wet Pussy Lips

When I got his hot phone sex call today he said "Hello Mandy I have been sitting here looking at your pictures and all I want right now is for you to sit your round big ass on my face." I kinda toyed with him for a bit and said "You want to feel my creamy luscious ass make your face my seat?" He moaned out saying "Hell yeah my dick is so hard right now it's about ready to pop," I said "MMMM that's just how I like that cock to be big and hard." I told him that I was dressed like a slut in a super short skirt and low cut top. He could tell that I love to show off my big beautiful body and I wasn't ashamed to do it. So I told him "I am going to stand right in front of you now. I want you to lay back on your bed and I’m going to crawl on top of you. I showed off my creamy white panties to him and took his big fat meaty dick in my hand and started to slowly stroke it. I slowly started to straddle his face and he took his hand and moved my panty to the side. He said "Ohhhh look at those fat cunt lips of yours Mandy. They are so plump pink and wet." I could feel his tongue start to slide into my juicy honey pot and could feel his nose roll round and round in my ass hole. I leaned forward and said "Lick this pussy good baby." My soft hands wrapped around his shaft and moved up and down nice and slow. squeezing it just like he wanted. He heard my moans of pleasure as he said "You sound like a hot slut making those noises baby." Then he told me that my precious ass needed to be squeezed and slapped. I said "Yes it does. You wanna hear that pop sound as my ass jiggles like jello right over your face." I started to pump faster and faster. He could taste my creamy juices dripping out of my pussy lips as he started tongue fucking me deep and fast. He said "You are driving me crazy Mandy!" I giggled and said "I'm very good at driving the men nuts." Then I leaned into his dick more and took my tongue and started slide up and down his shaft. I didn't even get the chance to start sucking on his cock because before I knew it he shot a load of cum all over my face. My pussy muscles started to contract and squeeze around his dick and the next thing he knew I was giving him all of my creamy juices.

Do you think about my tight round ass in your face and my slutty warm mouth and soft hands sliding up and down your dick? If you do then give me a call so I can make you cum like a rocket!


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