Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When *She* Is Away I Will Cum Play

I’ve seen the way you look at me when I walk past your house. I’ve seen the way your eyes run up and down my big beautiful body when your wife is not around. Are you thinking about how much you want to have me come in your house when she is away so you can touch and squeeze my huge tits? I just know your cock gets hard when you see me in my low cut tops and short skirts. Have you seen the way they jiggle when you are looking in my window and see me dancing around seductively? I bet you wanna slide my top down and shove your big fat dick between them don’t you? Not only do you want to do that but you stroke your cock off thinking about what it would be like to suck and lick on my hard nipples. So why don’t you come over and bring something for us to drink and then let me tell you how much I think about being your slutty girl. Your girl friend could never do the things I do to you. She’s got too many limits and restricts to how naughty she will get. That’s the difference between her and I. I am more then just a handful for you to grab onto to. My luscious curves will get your cock harder then a rock. Just think about what it would be like to slide that fat throbbing dick between my huge fucking jugs. And then think about climbing between my thick thighs and see this fat juicy pussy beg you to fuck it. Plump girls have the best fucking cunt around. Its so warm and wet and will smother your dick and take it to the edge. And when you think you are ready to blow your fucking load you can put me on all fours and see my fat ass stare you in your face and watch me wiggle it back and forth. You know you like the way it jiggles don’t you. Go ahead and slap it hard. And then fuck my dirty asshole deep and hard. I’ll bounce this jiggly ass up and down your shaft and grind it back onto you so hard that you will be on the verge of exploding. So where are you going to shoot that fucking load at? Are you going to shoot it deep inside of my fucking hole? Or do you want to paint my fat ass up with your warm jizz. No not there shoot it on my huge melons or down my hungry throat. I want to taste my pussy juices and ass around your cock as I suck that dick like your girl friend never could. AHHHHH shoot it baby my mouth is ready! I know you wanna explode down my throat…And when you are done jazzing let me suck it clean… I’m such a whore for you…Lets have some hot fun today…


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