Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Joy Riding Experience Like No Other

Yesterday I was bored so my friend called me up and asked me if I wanted to take a trip down the coast. She has a 2009 ford with a drop top and it was the perfect weather to go cruising. We were driving along side the pacific coast and listening to the radio and the next thing we knew a big eighteen wheeler pulled along side of us. I could not help but look over at him and I could see that the driver was looking down at me giving me a wicked smile. The top I was wearing was low cut and showed off a lot of cleavage. The next thing I knew he was taking his hand doing a stroking motion like he was jerking off his cock so I decided to really give him something to look at. I started to giggle and then I raised up my top and exposed my HUGE 42 F tits. His eyes liked to fucking pop out of his head. He started getting this intense look in his eyes and almost drove off the road! I knew that it wasn't about to end at that moment so we caught up with him and he looked back over at me like he was ready to rip the rest of my clothes off. Since he could not stop starring I looked over at my friend and said "he wont believe what i'm about to do next." I took my hands and started to lift up my skirt and remove my panties. And I turned sideways with the seat that I tilted backwards and opened up my legs right there in front of him. Taking my fingers as I started to part my fat juicy pussy lips and slide them inside of me. Finger fucking my juicy twat and then slid it out and put it up at the window saying "want to taste?" Giggling as I moved my finger back to my mouth I started to slowly suck on it just as if I was sucking on his dick. He was fixated on me smiling as if I just gave him the best treat he has ever had. I could see his hand moving up and down faster and faster. And I can only guess that he was jerking his dick off. Then he tipped his head back and had that look like he was about ready to cum. And by his mouth movement I knew that he had just blew his load HARD. I looked over at him and took my tongue and licked my lips. And he knew what I was implying. He knew that if I was in that truck with him that I would have cleaned all that cum up like a cum hungry slut. I looked over at my girl friend and said "Lets make this pervert eat our dust." I looked back at him laughing and blew him a kiss as we sped off leaving him behind. My pussy lips started to swell up thinking about what he would have on his mind tonight when he got to his destination. I can't wait to go out with her again and have more fun like that. Maybe the next time I will run into you and give you something you never forget!


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