Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pussy Worship Phonesex

I get so wet every time I think about your phone sex call. You always have such a lustful sound in your voice and each time you want something different. But today when you called all you could think about was having your face between my thick voluptuous thighs. You said "Mandy my dick has grown so fucking much and is totally erect now just thinking about that plump pink pussy of yours." I smiled and said "I've been thinking about your tongue sliding up and down my warm cunt. I know you can't get enough of feeling that chubby fat pussy and how wet it gets for you." By the way he was moaning out I could tell he was stroking his large 9 inch cock. He licked and licked and rolled his tongue up and down my creamy hole until I thought I was going to go crazy. He started to rim his tongue deep inside of my gushy walls feeling the way that they grabbed around it. And then he took his fingers and started to slide them in my tight round fat ass. I said "Fuck my chubby ass baby with your fingers. Pump it in and out and feel my juices leak from my pussy down to my ass. His dick was throbbing so hard by now by the way I had my thick thighs wrapped around his shoulders and grinding my cunt into his face I knew he would not make it to fucking me.

So I said "You like pumping that dick for me don't you baby." He said "Fuck yeah I love cock stroking phonesex Mandy." I said "Just imagine my soft young hands pumping that dick and sliding up and down. Just think about how good it would feel as i'm teasing it as we are in 69 position. With my fat cunt smothering your face and your rod in my hand. I know you like it when I ride your tongue too. It makes your pole want to explode doesn't it?" He commanded me to cum all over his face. He said as soon as he tasted my creamy juices he was going to blow his load down my fucking throat. And that's all I was waiting on also. My pussy didn't wanna cum until his dick was ready to blow like a volcano. He started to grab my thighs and pull me down on him and I went from stroking his cock to taking it deep down my throat. And the next thing I knew my delicious pussy was giving him a cum bath. And his dick was erupting all over my face. MMMM I can't wait to see what kind of a hot phone sex call he will want the next time...

What kind are you in the mood for today? I love every kind of kinky, naughty, dirty fantasy we can both think of...


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When *She* Is Away I Will Cum Play

I’ve seen the way you look at me when I walk past your house. I’ve seen the way your eyes run up and down my big beautiful body when your wife is not around. Are you thinking about how much you want to have me come in your house when she is away so you can touch and squeeze my huge tits? I just know your cock gets hard when you see me in my low cut tops and short skirts. Have you seen the way they jiggle when you are looking in my window and see me dancing around seductively? I bet you wanna slide my top down and shove your big fat dick between them don’t you? Not only do you want to do that but you stroke your cock off thinking about what it would be like to suck and lick on my hard nipples. So why don’t you come over and bring something for us to drink and then let me tell you how much I think about being your slutty girl. Your girl friend could never do the things I do to you. She’s got too many limits and restricts to how naughty she will get. That’s the difference between her and I. I am more then just a handful for you to grab onto to. My luscious curves will get your cock harder then a rock. Just think about what it would be like to slide that fat throbbing dick between my huge fucking jugs. And then think about climbing between my thick thighs and see this fat juicy pussy beg you to fuck it. Plump girls have the best fucking cunt around. Its so warm and wet and will smother your dick and take it to the edge. And when you think you are ready to blow your fucking load you can put me on all fours and see my fat ass stare you in your face and watch me wiggle it back and forth. You know you like the way it jiggles don’t you. Go ahead and slap it hard. And then fuck my dirty asshole deep and hard. I’ll bounce this jiggly ass up and down your shaft and grind it back onto you so hard that you will be on the verge of exploding. So where are you going to shoot that fucking load at? Are you going to shoot it deep inside of my fucking hole? Or do you want to paint my fat ass up with your warm jizz. No not there shoot it on my huge melons or down my hungry throat. I want to taste my pussy juices and ass around your cock as I suck that dick like your girl friend never could. AHHHHH shoot it baby my mouth is ready! I know you wanna explode down my throat…And when you are done jazzing let me suck it clean… I’m such a whore for you…Lets have some hot fun today…


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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Everything That Shes NOT

Look at me standing here like this looking at you with my huge tits. Don't you want to squeeze them? Look at my big round ass. Don't you want to just grab it and squeeze it and do something really dirty to it? Look at my lips staring you in the face. Don't you want to kiss them and then push me down on the couch and slide your big fat dick between them? And my juicy fat wet pussy. Don't you want to slide your finger in it and feel how tight and warm it is? Go ahead and finger it and feel the way that it squeeze and pulls you in. I can't think of any other way to get it ready for your large cock. Unless you get down on your knees and crawl between my luscious thigh's and take a long slow lick. I know your cock is ready to cum right now. And you know that i'm all that those other girls are NOT.Sinful, slutty, horny and more. I'm a very naughty phone sex slut who wants to get you off today. You know that I want you to fuck me so bad my tight young body is just trembling all over. My tight pussy gets so wet thinking of a man like you who knows how to take control and pound me over and over again. Aggressive men make me melt and bring out that submissive fucking slut in me. Do you want to know what I will do for you? There is nothing stopping me from getting as naughty, kinky, dirty and nasty as you want to get. Don't be afraid to get rough with me. Pull my long pretty hair and ram that dripping dick in all of my holes. I'm here to please all of your desires.... Let this chubby girl give you some of the best BBW Phone Sex you have ever had...

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Your One And Only Kinky Phone Sex Mistress

 Hi naughty boys, subbies, slaves, panty boys, and dirty boys are you feeling kinky like me today? I’m ready for you to come serve me right now. I know you want me to be your naughty phone sex mistress. Whether you are on your knees ready to take my big hard strap on in your tiny little ass or parading around in my pretty panties like a pretty girl or seeing me bent over in front of you ready to worship and kiss and lick my voluptuous ass. Do you like having your limits pushed? Do you want to get on your knees and suck a big fat dick for me? Or do you want to be my dirty toilet slave? It doesn’t really matter what kinda phone sex fantasy gets you off I like them all! And I can’t forget about how much I like taboo phone sex also. My fat pink pussy lips get so wet when I think about humiliation phone sex with my daddy. He’s such a fucking pervy and loves stroking his fat dick off with my big sexy panties wrapped around his pole. I can’t forget about my kinky older brother or my favorite uncle too! The just love to bend over like a bitch with that ass up in the air begging me to make them my slut. They love the way I tease them in my slutty outfits and show off my curvy chubby body. I can seduce you into giving me anything I want. I will make your cock throb so hard all you can think about is begging me to cum. So go ahead and call me subbies and get ready for some domination phone sex you never forget. Don’t keep your princess waiting!



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Your Thick And Busty Cock Teasing Slut

A lot of guys would say that I'm a bit of a cock slut. They see the way that I dress and show off my cleavage to them. I do it because I like the way that they look at me. It's like they are undressing me with their eyes. Just wishing they could see what my HUGE tits look like under my skimpy top. I like to use my voluptuous curves to get what I want. These juicy tits and tight round big ass and thick thighs knows how to bring the right kind of man to his knees. Are you that man? You have no idea that I can see you when you are gazing at me. Are you thinking of all of the things that you want to do to me? I know I'm a tease but I love sex and exploring all kinds of naughty, kinky, taboo, dirty things with you. More then what the average girl would do. I know how to use my fem way and make your dick so hard its ready to bust. Just think of me dangling my favorite body parts in front of your face. Giving you a peek of them until you are ready to just rip my clothes off of me. Or maybe I will do the same to you. As much as I like to be a submissive slut I also love being a dominate mistress. Watch me lick my pouty lips and see the look in my eyes as I start touching myself all over. I will put you in a spell and make you where all you can think about is giving me what I want. And no one else will fill up your mind like me. When you are on your way home or in the shower. Or with your wife you can hear my voice in your ear saying "I want you so bad I can taste it." And then you will see me in my dreams pressing my endless curves against your body. Touching you all over and seducing your mind.

Are you going to give into this hot steamy sexual bbw and let me make you cum like you never have before? I know you want too.

So bring me all of your naughty secrets and lets have some of the hottest no limits phone sex you have ever had.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Lick A Lotta My Plump Wet Pussy Lips

When I got his hot phone sex call today he said "Hello Mandy I have been sitting here looking at your pictures and all I want right now is for you to sit your round big ass on my face." I kinda toyed with him for a bit and said "You want to feel my creamy luscious ass make your face my seat?" He moaned out saying "Hell yeah my dick is so hard right now it's about ready to pop," I said "MMMM that's just how I like that cock to be big and hard." I told him that I was dressed like a slut in a super short skirt and low cut top. He could tell that I love to show off my big beautiful body and I wasn't ashamed to do it. So I told him "I am going to stand right in front of you now. I want you to lay back on your bed and I’m going to crawl on top of you. I showed off my creamy white panties to him and took his big fat meaty dick in my hand and started to slowly stroke it. I slowly started to straddle his face and he took his hand and moved my panty to the side. He said "Ohhhh look at those fat cunt lips of yours Mandy. They are so plump pink and wet." I could feel his tongue start to slide into my juicy honey pot and could feel his nose roll round and round in my ass hole. I leaned forward and said "Lick this pussy good baby." My soft hands wrapped around his shaft and moved up and down nice and slow. squeezing it just like he wanted. He heard my moans of pleasure as he said "You sound like a hot slut making those noises baby." Then he told me that my precious ass needed to be squeezed and slapped. I said "Yes it does. You wanna hear that pop sound as my ass jiggles like jello right over your face." I started to pump faster and faster. He could taste my creamy juices dripping out of my pussy lips as he started tongue fucking me deep and fast. He said "You are driving me crazy Mandy!" I giggled and said "I'm very good at driving the men nuts." Then I leaned into his dick more and took my tongue and started slide up and down his shaft. I didn't even get the chance to start sucking on his cock because before I knew it he shot a load of cum all over my face. My pussy muscles started to contract and squeeze around his dick and the next thing he knew I was giving him all of my creamy juices.

Do you think about my tight round ass in your face and my slutty warm mouth and soft hands sliding up and down your dick? If you do then give me a call so I can make you cum like a rocket!