Friday, December 26, 2008

Voluptuous Pleasures Like No Other

Only a big beautiful woman like me knows how to please a man the way that he needs to be pleased. I am a voluptuous girl who has all of the right parts in all of the right places. I am your girl next door that loves to be naughty with you. I love the touch of a man when he caresses and fondles my body makes me tingle all over. But don't let my sweet looks fool you. I love to suck cock and love getting fucked very hard. Just think about my juicy wet pussy wrapped around your cock as you have me on all fours with my big ass up in the air. Giving it to me deep and hard. As you see my big tits jiggle and feel me choke my dripping wet lips pull it in even deeper. Your cock is all that I want and my pussy will satisfy you like no other. It's like a hot fucking oven that will send waves all over your body. With your balls smacking against my ass as you hear me moaning out "Don't stop baby." As I put a choke hold around your dick and squeeze it so tight that your knees weaken. I like it dirty and nasty too so when you get finished ramming my pink cunt lips spread my big fat ass cheeks apart and take a dive in my dirty tight hole. And grab a hand full of my ass and smack it and watch it as it shakes and jiggles. Oh you feel so good baby. I just can't get enough of your big fat dick. And if you are in the mood for some hot 69 action i'll crawl on top of your face and drown you with my wet juicy pussy. I know you want to feel my hot wet mouth wrap around your cock and suck it like the naughty whore you know I am. I have so many nasty fantasies that we can share and I'm so fucking hot and horny right now for you I can taste it. I will make you get addicted to every last single one of my curves and drink up every last drop of cum that you have. And I promise to never tell anyone how much you can't get enough of worshipping my big beautiful body. All I have is one demand. And that's for you to shoot and blow that thick hot load in my hot hungry mouth, my pretty face, my huge tits, in my tight juicy pussy or all over my round juicy ass.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Painful Pleasures

I got my first phone sex call today and it was very extreme. You were looking for a sexy dominating BBW to take control of your cock. Would there be Candles, Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Q tips, Matches, Clothes pins, Nipple Clamps, String, Ice Cubes, A cock Harness and Cock Cage? Those are just a few items that can be used in Cock and Ball Torture. Or would we just slice it off like Loraina bobbit did to her husband. I don't hold back when it comes to dishing out pain in those who want and crave it. Your willing cock gives me so much pleasure and I will pull out all of the stops when it comes to ruining you. Your cries of torture and pain that you feel on your balls and cock make me so turned on and so wet. And you will easily get distracted from all of that when you see me standing over you with my big beautifal body. Dressed in something that revealis all of my curves. Cheering you on and as bend over into you and show off my big 42 F tits.The more pain and torture I give you the more pleasure it gives me. And there is no half stepping either. When you experience what I can give you i'll have you wanting to come back for more and more. But you have to be willing and if you want your limits pushed there is always blackmail. I will get all of your information and bring out these secret pictures that I took of you when you didn't see me. When did I take them? Well that doesn't matter I have them. When i'm done black mailing you EVERYONE will know. So get your ass over here and get those items ready or just bring a butcher knife and a cutting board to either slowly get rid of that worthless dick or get ready for my torture to your cock and balls.And get ready to give me what I want. The pain mixed with the pleasure of serving me is going to make your cock so fucking hard all you will think about doing is getting down on your knees and look up at me begging to cum. Call me at 1-888-837-3259

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mouth Watering Cock Sucking Cutie

So I met this guy not too long ago at a party who is into chubby BBW girls like me. The one's who have extra pounds to hold on too. I invited him over to my house because he was just so incredibly hot. As we sat back on my couch giving each other heated looks I could not help but notice the big hard bulge he had in his pants. It was so big and hard that all I wanted to do was bring it out and touch it. He looked at me and said "I think your big tits are so beautiful. All I want to do is bury my face between them." I looked at him saying "is that right?" As I was touching and squeezing them. Then he says "That's not all I want to bury between them. I want to slide my big fat cock between them too." I could feel my juicy pussy lips get wetter as soon as he said that. He started stroking his cock through his pants and said "Come over here a little closer to me." As he took his hands and started to grab my tits. Touching them as he started to sink his face in them. Kissing them all over as I took my hands and began to go straight between his legs. Stroking his cock through his pants as he opened up my thick thighs and started running his hands up and down. Making his way to my panties as he took off my top and bra and began sucking on my nipples. First the right as his tongue licked on it then the left. Looking up at me as he said "I want you on your knees right now." As his finger slid my panties to the side and felt how wet and creamy my pussy was. As our lips met and we shared an intense lip lock I started to undo his pants. Because I knew he wanted my pretty mouth wrapped around his dick and I knew he wanted to slide it between my 42 F's. As our tongues danced I took out his big fat cock and began stroking it for him. As he pulled away saying "Suck it now Mandy." As I got up he took his hand and grabbed my big fat ass and gave it a smack as he watched it jiggle saying "Oh fuck look at that ass bounce like jello." As I giggled and got down on my knees with my tits ready to feel his cock get lost in them. Him looking down at me as I took my mouth and started sucking on his cock.

Feeling it slide in my mouth as he took his hands and squeezed on my tits. Feeling his hard shaft throb as it slid in and out. His cock felt so fucking good in my mouth as I slurped and sucked on it that I could feel my pussy lips make my panties soaking wet. Sliding my mouth up off of his cock I made my way down to his balls and began sucking on them for a bit. Stroking his cock still as I massaged them in my mouth. They were so fucking full of cum and ready to explode. I looked up at him as I slid my tongue back up his shaft and started giving him the tit fuck of the century. As I wrapped them around his shaft squeezing them he started to pump them up and down. Taking my tongue as I began to roll them around the tip of his head. Taking his balls in the palm of my hand as I began rolling them around. In and out of my big beautiful tits faster and faster pumping as he was moaning out Taking his cock as I stared sliding it around his cock again making it wet and feeling him fuck my face as he pushed my head down on him making me gag. Hitting the back of my throat as I stared tasting his pre cum I looked up at him as his hips were rotating moving round and round saying "I'm going to paint up your face and tits and feed you my cum you pretty slut." As I started begging him with my mouth full of his dick I said "Please give me that hot cum. Spray it all over me." And he slid it out of my mouth as I pushed my tits together and sprayed a big hot load of his cum all over my tits, all over my face, and in my mouth. It was so fucking delicious. As i'm on my bed now with my favorite toy in my mouth thinking about the night that we had together. As I can hear him say "Next time i'm going to take your other holes too..... I can't wait for that to happen. Why don't you come have a taste of this BBW today. I will give you all that you crave and give you one of the hottest phone sex fucks you have ever had.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Cum And Get It Baby

Hi everyone i'm Mandy and new to the site. I'm happy that you took a moment to come check out my blog. I'm a hot and sexy BBW who is thick and busty and not ashamed to admit it. Are you ready to come smother your cock between my 38 F tits? Feel me push them around that long hard shaft as it gets lost in them. And don't forget to smother your face between my round thick thigh's. I'll wrap them around you as you make your way up to my pink puffy pussy lips and take a taste of my sweetness. And if that isn't enough you can crawl between my big fat juicy ass and watch it jiggle as you fuck me deep and hard. You can slide that big fat cock wherever you want too and i'll never say no. I will be all of the girl you will ever want and need. And i'll do all the things that your girl friend or wife won't do. I have absolutely no limits or taboo's. I love role playing, age play, fetishes, incest, submission, domination, and much much more. I will make your cock explode as I milk it and take every last drop of cum that you have then beg you to let me wrap my very skilled mouth and lips around it so I can clean it all off for you. MmMmM I just love the taste of your cum. Just the thought of pleasing you send tingles all over my body and straight down to my pussy. I just know that you will have TONS of fun with me and will have you coming back for more.

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