Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Admission At The Parking Garage

Last Friday I went to go visit one of my friends at the federal building and when I went to go park my car in the garage I saw my favorite security officer standing inside of his shack. He is such a hot guy. 6'5, 185 pounds with a very muscular body and always smells so good. I always try to make sure I show up when he is around because I can always get a "free pass" and don't have to pay. I was wearing a very short dress that fit like a body glove. And it was very low cut so it showed off a lot of cleavage. When I pulled up I said "Hi James it's good to see you today." Giving him a flirty smile and a very hot look. I made sure before I got there that the top part of my breast was exposed. So much to where one of my huge tits popped out. I had to make it worth his while so I could get in free. You should have seen the look on his face when he looked down in my car to talk to me. It was like his eyes were about to pop out of his head hehe. He had the biggest smile I've ever seen and he could not even focus on anything but looking me up and down. So I made sure to have my hand right on top of my melons and started to toy around with my nipples. I could start to see a bulge in his pants rise up as my nipples started getting very hard. He cleared his throat and said "Um Mandy let me get you a ticket to put in your car." I started squeezing my tits together and said "Oh I'm sorry about my breasts being exposed but they are just so huge sometimes they just slip out." Then under his voice he said "That's not the only thing that's huge baby." And then looked down at his pants noticing that he was rock hard. So when he went back in his shack he came back with my ticket and on it there was his name address phone number and e mail address. And when he looked back down in the car he noticed that my breasts were back down in my dress. I took the permit and slide it down between my breasts and smiled. After I finished visiting with my friend I came back with a note to him telling him how hot I think he was and also had my contact information on it. I rolled down the window and handed it to him saying "If you ever find yourself in my area and want a hot time with a slutty girl be sure to give me a call. I'll make it something you never forget." Then I took my finger and ran it across my lips and started to suck on it. He took the note and started rubbing it on his crotch and said "MMMM baby you are fine as hell and I like chubby sluts like you. So I'll make sure to give you a call on my next day off."

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Have You Had Your Slutty Secretary Today?

He called me for a hot role play phone sex call this morning. I was his admin assistant and he knew when he hired me that I was going to be a real slut. I have been working for him for about a month now and have already gotten a reputation for being the office whore. I'm thinking about all the hot and sexy men who like girls that have a little extra to hold on to like me. They all look at my huge tits when they walk past my desk. Giving me this "I want to squeeze those melons or slide my raging dick between them." And when I make my rounds and believe me I do with all the guys in here I think of who I will be flirting with next. There is this hot guy who works in shipping and receiving. He just got hired a few days ago and he is so fucking hot. One evening when he didn't have any orders coming in I made my way down to him. Dressed in a sexy business outfit showing off as much cleavage that's allowed I made my way over to him. He is 6'4 blonde hair with a very muscular body. And VERY handsome. I tried to resist him but I could not. No one else was around so I knew that was my time to get to know him better. I walked over to him as he was sorting all of his packages out and I said in a seductive way "Do you need some help with that or would you like to take a break for a bit?" My huge breasts rubbed against his back and then around to his arm. Then I smiled saying "How do you like working in this department?" He smiled back not able to take his eyes off of my tits saying "I REEEALLLLY like them a lot." Then he said "Oh I mean I like working for this department a lot." I giggled and said "Well if you meet me back in my office in 15 minutes I'll show you how much you will REALLY like it." Taking my hands to move them across my body. His eyes moved up and down as he was standing directly in my zone. Then he said "Is that right Mandy." I said "Yes it is..." I walked back up to my office and when he got there he saw me standing there in nothing but my bra and panties and pumps. I was sitting on the couch with my legs slightly open. His mouth dropped immediately as soon as he saw me. I stood up and walked over to him so he could see all of me. He walked over to me and said "Fuck Mandy you are a real slut aren't you? I've heard all of the rumors around the office about how you get around and how much you like sucking dick and getting those luscious tits fucked. I walked a bit closer to him and said "All those rumors you heard are true with lots more to ad." I could see the bulge in his pants about to bust out. I could only imagine what he wants to do with me. Maybe let me get down on my knees and feel my warm wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft. Or maybe he wants to give me a hot wet tit fuck and feel my melons wrap around his shaft as he pumps in and out. Or maybe he's just thinking "I want to bend this chubbie cutie over her desk and slide my big fat dick in her fat wet pussy and see how much of a slut she really is." I looked at him and said "What are you waiting for baby I know you have a lot of cum in those balls just waiting to be drained up by me.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Caught Watching Porn

After a long day of work you walked in and caught me watching porn. You looked at me laying back on the couch with my massive tits out and my panties pulled to the side and said "Mandy that's my private collection! Were you in my bedroom snooping around again?" I moaned out with my finger sliding in and out of my fat cunt lips and said "Yes I was but I couldn't help myself I was so bored. I had no idea I would find these hot video's." I could tell that you wanted to be mad but seeing me there like this just made it hard for you to be upset. You started to walk over to me and say "You really should not be going in daddy's bedroom you know." I smiled and said "Yes I know but don't you like coming home to find your chubby little girl masturbating?" I could see the bulge in your pants getting harder as you came even closer to me. I said "Don't you want to come over here on this couch with me and watch some porn?" You started to take your top off with this animal look in your face and said "Fuck the porn I'm ready to slide my dick in that juicy pussy." Then dropped your pants and out came out your big fat cock. OH MY GOD it was so long and fat and looked so good. I know that it was wrong for me to be thinking of my own daddy fucking me but I could just not help myself. You stood right in front of me and said "Mandy I am rock hard for you right now and this big fat dick is all yours." I took it in my soft hand and started to slide it between my huge tits. Pushing them around your stick as you pumped in and out. Every time your mushroom head slid at the top of my melons I would take my tongue and run it round and round. Then I took my other hand and started to play with your balls. I released my tits and looked up and said "Face fuck me daddy pleaseeeee." You took your hand and started to push my head down on your meat stick. Feeling my hot wet
mouth slurp and move up and down your shaft.

Pumping it in and out and grinding deeper into my throat. You looked down at me and said "Fuck I've always wondered what it would be like to have my daughters slutty mouth wrapped around my dick." Pushing it in even deeper I started to choke on it. Your pre cum started to slide down my throat and you said "I need your pussy right now get on all fours slut!" I slid my mouth up and got on the floor on my hands and knees with my big round ass up in the air. Looking back at you I said "Fuck me daddy I need your big fat cock in me!" You took the tip of your mushroom head and started to push it deep inside of me. Feeling my meaty pussy lips grab around your shaft and swallow more. You were throbbing inside of me as you took your hand and started to take a big fucking smack of my big ass and said "Don't ever go in my bedroom again and get snoopy!" I moaned out "Daddy please!" Then he moved over to my other ass cheek and took a even bigger smack! Smiling he said "The only time I want you coming in my room is if you are going to fuck me!" Then moving over to my other round ass cheek giving me another smack saying "Do you understand me?!" I said "Yes daddy I do please my big ass is getting red and it really is stinging!" He laughed out and started to really hammer my fat cunt now. Looking at me saying "Whose fucking pussy does this belong too!" I said "Its yours! It's all yours I won't ever give it to anyone else but you!" I could feel the tip of your cock head hit the back of my wall more and more. I placed a grip around your cock so hard and choked it and said "Take this pussy I want you to bury your cock in me so deep I scream!" You said "Oh hell yes that's what I want to hear you whore!" Feeling me grind back into you I said "Daddy give me your cum I want it so bad!!!" With lust in his eyes he said "OOOOOOOOH yes Mandy here it cums you take it all!" He busted a thick and creamy hot load deep inside of my fat pussy walls. And I drank it all up and left none behind.

I can't wait for you to catch me being naughty again....


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chubby Girls Do ANYTHING To Get You Off

They always say that chubby over weight girls are the most slutty and willing to do anything. I can say because I’m bbw that it’s completely TRUE. He called me because he wanted a phone sex slut who had lots and lots of curves and chunky. He said “Mandy you are so fuckin hot with your pretty face I just love chubby girls cause they will do anything to please a man. As soon as he said that my fat juicy pussy got dripping wet. He said I just love those fuckin huge tits of yours baby.” I said “Thank you they are perfect for tit fucking and right now all I want is for you to slide your big fat dick between them.” He asked me how big they were and I said “They are 42 F baby.” I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was fuckin horny and ready to take that cock out and start pumping them in and out. He said “Give me that belly and let me grab them with my hands and squeeze.” And there is no doubt that I have rolls there for him to hold on too. UNLIKE skinny girls who are just made out of bone and have nothing to grab ahold too. His meaty dick was sliding in and out pumping as I took my tongue and started to lick the tip of his swollen cock head. He already had pre cum that was dripping out and it felt like he was ready to pop soon. I looked up at him and said “Let me be your chubby slut and show you why I can get you off more then your girl friend can.” He said “Oh fuck yeah cause that bitch wont do anything I ask her to do.” He slid his cock out of my huge melons and said “Let me grind my cock into your belly Mandy.” It felt like a fat rod of steel rubbing back and forth as I grinded into him. Taking my soft hand and playing with his balls he said “Fat girls turn me on so fuckin much Mandy. I bet you would get on your knees and take it iny our ass wouldn’t you and drink down all my cum too.” I said “Hell yes I’ll take your thick cock in my fucking ass and grab and squeeze onto it. He said “Well right now I just want you to climb on top of me and ride me. I want those huge tits in my face as you are bouncing up and down off my dick. I started to straddle him and spread my lucious thighs across his hips and lower my fat wet cunt down on his massive cock. He took his hands and grabbed my fat round ass and started to squeeze and slap it over and over again. I started to moan out calling myself his chubby slut. Then I said “Your cock feels so good inside of me. Stretch my pussy lips open baby and fuck me deeper and harder.” He started to plow and hammer me with my huge breasts bouncing up and down like jello. Telling me he wishes he could be with a chubby girl because the skinny ones don’t get anywhere near as slutty as he likes. I said “Well right now you are with a chunkie slut and I want your fucking cum so bad I can taste it. My pussy started to grab and squeeze his pole and gripped on it as tight as it could. I could feel his swollen balls smack against my ass. He looked into my eyes and said “Beg for my cum Mandy!” I said “Please shoot your fucking load in my dripping wet pussy I need it so bad!” He took his hands and grabbed my tits and said “Say it again slut@” I said “PLEASE feed my hungry cunt your thick hot cum I’ll do anything if you give it to me!” He said “Oh fuck that’s what I’m talking about!” He grabed ahold of my hips and held me down on his cock and would not let go and shot a huge fucking load deep inside of my pussy. It felt so hot and thick and craemy. I looked at him saying “I just love the way your jizz feels in my fat twat baby.”
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pound Me So Hard The Earth Moves

I'm a chubby slut who loves guy's with big fat dicks. (I like the little ones too but mostly to laugh at and humiliate) I'm a bit of a short girl so I always think about a man who is taller then me that I can look up at. One who's cock has a raging hard on just ready to bust out of his pants. Me dressed in something hot and sexy as I do a strip just for you. All of the sudden your dick is in hand ready to slide between my luscious thighs. Just ready for me to wrap around your waist so you can fuck my tight fat pussy. And you know it's dripping wet for you. All I can think about is your fat hard cock pushing into my plushy pussy. Feeling the softness as you start to pound me deep and hard. Feel me grip and squeeze around your dick as you fuck me so hard my huge tits start to bounce like jello. No one can fuck me like you do. It feels so good my body starts tremble like a earthquake. You start to suck on my nipples and suck them as you fuck me faster and faster. The sensation starts to intensify as you pile drive my cunt and make me scream out your name. "Oh fuck me harder! My pussy never gets this wet for anyone but you! I want to be your slutty whore and fuck you so good you explode!" You start to feel my fat pussy muscles start to grip and pull you in me deeper. Ready to choke as waves move through my tight walls and I start to flood your cock with my creamy pussy. Squirting more with every stroke of your long hard cock. Its almost like you are digging into a fat cantulope. And there isn't any way that I wont be able to take it. As long as you fill up my slutty holes with your thick hot cum. There isn't anyone that doesn't know that chubby girls have the tightest wet pussy around. Cum take a taste of my pink juicy platter.

Mandy - 1-888-837-3259

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~* Age Play, Taboo's, Pedo, Anything Goes *~

I cant stop thinking about how much I want to fullfill your sexual craving today. I’m A Big Voluptious young girl that has an imagination that will make your mouth water with lust. I want to show off all of my endless curves to you as I’m dressed in something very revealing. Do you want me to bend over so you can see my big round ass? Do you want to place your hands upon it and smack it and watch it jiggle like jello? What about my huge 42 F tits. They are like enormous melons and would be perfect for your big fat cock to slide between. What about my thick curvy thighs? I want to wrap them around your shoulder as you are getting ready to slide your tongue in my dripping wet juicy pussy lips. And then when I get your cock throbbing hard I want you to slide it in any hole you like. A big girl like me will do anything to make you cum. Things that those skiny girls would never do. I don’t care how kinky, nasty, dirty, perverted and taboo it may be. I’m just a whore who likes it anyway you want to dish it out. I can be your submissive slut or our dominate mistress. And I’m into all role plays. Especially the ones that are forbidden. I have a cute girlish voice and a imagination that will make your dick explode. And there is nothing that I like more then hearing you cum. So give me a call today and lets have some hot naughty fun…
Mandy - 1-888-837-3259

Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Made Me His Grown Up Slutty Girl

It was the weekend and all of my friends were out on dates except for me. No one liked me cause I was chubbier then the other girls. Daddy came home asked me why I wasn't out having fun. I told him that no one wanted to take me out so I was going to spend my night at home. I was really sad too but I didn't know what to do about it. Daddy looked at me and said everything was going to be okay. I could not help but notice how he was looking at me and smiling. He said "Mandy I know you are only 14 years old but you are really starting to develop quite nicely. He could not take his eyes off of my breasts and he had this look in his eyes that I've never seen before. I asked him where mom was at but he said she would not be back until later. He looked at me and said "Come upstairs with me Mandy I want to show you something in my bedroom." When we got up to his room he told me part of the reason why I wasn't getting any dates was I go to school dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts and I hide my body. I told him that I was not comfortable because my breasts were really big and when I wear tight fitting tops guy's keep starring at them. Then daddy went to the closet and pulled out some of mommy clothes and wanted me to try some on. First he told me to take off of my clothes and slide on her tight dress. And then he handed me some of her panties and said " Mandy you should wear sexier ones because your are too big." Then he handed me a pair of her slutty pumps. Then he handed me one of her favorite see through tops and said "This is an outfit she likes to wear when her and him were going to have a special night together. I could see daddy getting very excited and also noticed the bulge that was growing in his pants. He said "Turn around for me baby and show that outfit off for me." He started to moan out and then take his hand and run it between his legs.

He said "You look so hot in that outfit baby I'm really starting to get excited." Then he told me to take that off and put on one of her see through white teddies with the matching panties. I told him being dressed in her clothes really makes me feel like a grown up. Daddy was naked by then and told me that his cock was really getting big from seeing me dressed like her. I could not take my eyes off of him because his cock was so big and hard. I could feel my panties start to get very wet and I started thinking about things that I know I shouldn't. He looked at me and said he didn't want her to know that I was dressed like her because I looked hotter then her and she would be jealous and mad. So I promised daddy that I would never say anything about trying on her clothes. He handed me some of her make up and said "Now Mandy I want you to put on some of her red lipstick and eye shadow. And put on some of this blush too so I can see how you look." So I applied all of her make up on and turned around and showed it to him. He looked at me and put his hand around his cock and said "Oh my god baby now this is how you should dress going to school. You look so fucking hot." Stroking it nice and slow and telling him mommy would not like it though and would tell me no. He said I know she will that's why she has you dressing the way that you do because she doesn't want you to look better then her." Daddy told me he was going to take me shopping though and that he would handle her himself. He walked closer to me and said Have you ever seen a cock or a naked man before Mandy?" I said "No i've never seen a naked man before." My body started to get all tingly all over and I wondered if it was wrong for me to be feeling the way that I was about my own daddy but he said it was okay.

He said "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed baby and take daddy's big fat cock in your hand." So I did as he asked and said "Okay daddy." I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft and he said "Ohhhh yes baby I want you to stroke daddy's cock up and down." It was so hard and so fat and the look in his eyes were so intense. Then he told me to lick my fingers and hand and stroke his cock. So I started to suck on my fingers and run my tongue all over the palm of my hand and then wrap it back around daddy's cock. It was much wetter then and slid up and down. I could see something creamy drip from the tip of daddys cock and he said "Oh my fuck I want you to get down on your knees for daddy and take his cock in your mouth." I looked up at him and said "I've never sucked a cock before and I don't know how to do it. Will you teach me how?' He said "Yes baby i'll teach you how to suck daddy's big dick." He said "Open up your pretty painted lips and slide it around daddy's cock head. And make sure you open wide so it fits." I looked up and did what he said and started to lower his penis head into my wet mouth. He looked down and said "yes baby just like that. Pretend that you are sucking on a popsicle stick." Sliding down even further he moaned out saying "Yes just like that. MMMM suck my big daddy dick" I was slurping on it as it stretched my mouth open and I could feel how hard it was and the way that it throbbed. He looked into my eyes and said "You really do suck so good Mandy I'm getting so excited." He said "Can you take more in for me? I want my cock head to hit the back of your throat. You may gag on it a bit but that will be okay." So I slid my lips down further. My eyes started to water the more it slid in. Before I knew it I found myself choking and gagging all over his cock. And he really did start to pump it in deep and fast. He moaned out saying "Okay that's enough baby you are going to make me explode down your throat." Pulling me up saying "You can't say anything about whats happening between us especially what i'm going to ask you to do next." Stroking his hard cock faster and faster. I said "I promise it will be between us only." He said "Now I want you to take off mommy's panties and nighty." He climbed on top of me and started to kiss and suck my nipples. I started to moan out and say "Oh daddy that feels so good I can really feel my sweet pussy lips start to get wet." Running his tongue in circles he said "OHHHH baby girl I bet they are."

Kissing his way down my body he started to take his tongue and lick my fat little pussy and clit. Running up and down and round and round. Sliding his tongue inside of me deeper and deeper he looked up at me and said " No one would ever do this to me but me okay baby?" Then he made his way down to my plump ass. Saying "Your ass tastes so good Mandy I want you to always keep it clean for daddy okay?" I said "Yes daddy I promise it will never be dirty." His tongue ran up and down my hole. First teasing me and then he slid it inside. Moaning out I said "Oh that feels so good. Daddy is making me feel very naughty things." When I said that he stuck his tongue in even deeper. Going in and out faster and faster. My pussy was dripping wet by now and the juices were leaking down to my ass cheeks. He looked up at me and said "Mandy I'm ready to fuck you now. Get on all fours and put that round ass up in the air for me." He warned me and said "But it's really going to hurt baby I want to let you know. And because you look so much hotter then mommy I'm going to be rougher then I am with her. He crawled behind me and took the tip of his cock head and burried it deep inside of my virgin pussy. Holding me down as he thrusts in and out. Forcing his way inside I moaned out so loud that our next door neighbors could hear me. He said "Fuck you have a tiny little cunt!" Ramming me deeper and faster he took his big hand and smacked my ass. Saying "Look at that plump ass jiggle when I slap it." Hearing me scream out "Daddy your cock is too big for me! It's really stretching me open!" He said "But you like it don't you, you fucking slut!" Pushing my head into the bed he took his hand and wrapped it around my neck and started to choke me saying "Now you are daddy's little fucking whore aren't you Mandy!" I said "Yes daddy i'm your whore I'll always be your slut!" Squeezing my pussy lips around his cock as he nailed me and took what he wanted. He said "Get ready for my cum you fucking slut i'm ready to shoot it deep in your tiny hole. He pushed me down and locked his cock inside of me and shot all of it in me and filled me up. And then he said "Now that you are big girl you are going to get treated like one." And he slid his cock out of me and I looked at him and said thank you for turning me into a grown up daddy." Giggling and giving him a kiss. I cant wait for mommy to leave again so I can be his grown up girl...

Kisses daddy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late Night Prowler Takes What He Wants

I am thinking about you..the way that you look at me with those suspicious eyes. The way I always see your curtains move when you see me at home. Or late nights after I come back in from having some fun with my bf I see your porch light come on. Are you spying on me when i'm in his car giving him a sloppy wet blow job? Are you standing in your living room with your dick out stroking as you see my head sliding up and down his shaft? I know you must have been because you picked the perfect moment to sneak in my house and come in my bedroom and have your way with me. I was laying down in my bed and heard my door as it creaked open. As soon as I opened up my eyes you put your hand over my mouth and told me "Shhhhh Mandy don't say one fucking word we wouldn't want your room mate hearing us." You started to tear off my top and slid my panties off and said "Look at those huge tits my dick would look so good sliding between them." Taking his hands feeling me up he said "Now open up your fucking legs so I can look at that juicy fat pussy." He took his cock out of his pants and said "Stroke it slut. Watch it grow in your hand." I laid there and didn't move it was like my big body was frozen. He said "I'm not going to ask you again Bitch!" I was about to scream out but he put his hand over my neck and started to choke me and I immediately started to stroke it for him. It got so big and hard I could feel it throbbing as my soft hand slid up and down his shaft. He said "As much as I want to feel my dick sliding in all of your juicy holes I just came here for one thing tonight and that's to take that fat pussy. I tried to close my legs up but by the time I did he climbed on top of me and said "Keep them open Mandy." He was stroking off his cock taunting me telling me how long he had been watching me and beating himself off because he thinks i'm so fucking hot and slutty. He told me that he had to come over tonight because he saw me in the car giving head to my boy friend. He said "I bet your are one hot cock sucking slut aren't you? A fucking deep throat whore." Then he told me how much he things big chunky girls are so hot. He took his tongue and started to lick me up my body. Until he got up to my nipples and then I felt a sharp thrust that stretched my tight fat pussy lips open. I said "Please don't do this! You are hurting me!" But he would not listen he just held my thick thighs open and kept pinning me down. His thrusts became more intense as he started calling me names. He said "I bet you are a dirty whore aren't you?" The tears were rolling out of my eyes as he started nailing me faster and deeper. Harder and harder. Grinding his dick into me. His balls were huge and filled with cum. And it felt like he was going to split my big fat pussy wide open. He said "Big fucking bitches like you make my dick so hard I won't stop until I get exactly what I want. My voice whimpered as I tried to push my pussy muscles and force his cock out of me and I said "What is that?" He said "That's my huge fucking load of cum deep inside of your fat cunt." I started to cry out more and I said "Oh please don't cum in my pussy what if I get pregnant?" He put all of his weight on me and said "I don't give a fuck about that you slut you deal with it!" Ramming and pounding and pumping me so hard he said "I will dump my fucking load in you." And that's when he pushed the tip of his dick head all the way in me and held himself and locked inside of me and I could feel all of his cum filling me up. Moaning out like he was some kind of sick prowler. Looking into my eyes saying "I'll be back to take more next time so beware!

See ya soon Mr Prowler

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If My Boy Friend Only Knew....

It may be warm out side but it’s about to get a lot hotter in here. My boy friend just left for the day and I’m on my way to the sexy guy’s house down the street. He knows that I’m ready to have some hot fun and it wont be too long before I’m out of my panties ready to fuck. I have been thinking about his big fat pole sliding between my big juicy tits and sliding in my hungry wet mouth all day now. I’m going to get down on my knees and take his big fat dick out and blow and suck him like no other slut has ever before. My fat pussy gets dripping juicy wet every time I think about him fucking my plump hole. I know that he is the only one who can fuck my brains out. The way he comes up from behind me and pushes me against the wall and taking his hands sliding them all over my big beautifal body. Squeeze my 42 F tits together and licking and sucking on my nipples and then spreading my thick thighs apart to slide his finger in my thick pussy lips.

And then sometimes i'll climb on top of him and he gets me ready so he can slam his long fat cock inside of me. Spreading my hot hole open and feeling my juicy wet twat take him in deeper and deeper. My fat cunt gets so wet for him and my juices drip down his dick so much it’s like a small flood. My pussy never gets that wet for my boy friend. He treats me just like a dirty fucking whore and every time he thinks about how nasty and kinky I get for him his dick starts to drip pre cum. I will squeeze in his cock and look into his eyes and beg him to release all of his hot cum inside of me. Or if I’m really thirsty I’ll get down on my fucking knees and open up my mouth and say “I’m so thirsty can you please let me take in all of your cum now?” And he will shoot all over me just like a fucking water hose that’s spraying water on a thirtsty lawn. My boy friend has no idea how much of a slut I am.. And he never will either…Are you in the mood for a phone sex slut today? I'm hanging out in our free sex chat room right now and i'm ready to show you how much of a naughty whore I can be for you...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Joy Riding Experience Like No Other

Yesterday I was bored so my friend called me up and asked me if I wanted to take a trip down the coast. She has a 2009 ford with a drop top and it was the perfect weather to go cruising. We were driving along side the pacific coast and listening to the radio and the next thing we knew a big eighteen wheeler pulled along side of us. I could not help but look over at him and I could see that the driver was looking down at me giving me a wicked smile. The top I was wearing was low cut and showed off a lot of cleavage. The next thing I knew he was taking his hand doing a stroking motion like he was jerking off his cock so I decided to really give him something to look at. I started to giggle and then I raised up my top and exposed my HUGE 42 F tits. His eyes liked to fucking pop out of his head. He started getting this intense look in his eyes and almost drove off the road! I knew that it wasn't about to end at that moment so we caught up with him and he looked back over at me like he was ready to rip the rest of my clothes off. Since he could not stop starring I looked over at my friend and said "he wont believe what i'm about to do next." I took my hands and started to lift up my skirt and remove my panties. And I turned sideways with the seat that I tilted backwards and opened up my legs right there in front of him. Taking my fingers as I started to part my fat juicy pussy lips and slide them inside of me. Finger fucking my juicy twat and then slid it out and put it up at the window saying "want to taste?" Giggling as I moved my finger back to my mouth I started to slowly suck on it just as if I was sucking on his dick. He was fixated on me smiling as if I just gave him the best treat he has ever had. I could see his hand moving up and down faster and faster. And I can only guess that he was jerking his dick off. Then he tipped his head back and had that look like he was about ready to cum. And by his mouth movement I knew that he had just blew his load HARD. I looked over at him and took my tongue and licked my lips. And he knew what I was implying. He knew that if I was in that truck with him that I would have cleaned all that cum up like a cum hungry slut. I looked over at my girl friend and said "Lets make this pervert eat our dust." I looked back at him laughing and blew him a kiss as we sped off leaving him behind. My pussy lips started to swell up thinking about what he would have on his mind tonight when he got to his destination. I can't wait to go out with her again and have more fun like that. Maybe the next time I will run into you and give you something you never forget!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Let Me Drive Your Cock Wild

It's the start of the week and sometimes it can be hard after having a relaxing weekend. I'm laying back right now thinking of how today should be called Mondays are made for moaning. The best kind of moaning you could think of....

Just think about my pink puffy pussy lips and you right between my thick thighs. See how hot and wet they are for you as you take your fingers and slide them up and down. Do you want to take a taste? MMMM why don't you put your finger up to my mouth so I can take a taste also. You take your tongue as you start to slide it up and down my lips. With my hips thrusting round and round. Hearing me moan out as you unzip your pants and take your big fat dick out. Pressing your tongue in even deeper. I look down at you and say "Baby I love the way your tongue feels sliding across my fat pussy lips." You start to tongue fuck me teasing me knowing I want something more. Making circles around my clitty you flick it back and forth. Looking up at me as I push my huge 42 F tits together. Do you want to drown your face and cock in them? Would you like to squeeze them together as I grind faster into your tongue? You slowly move away as you are stroking your big fat cock saying "You want this don't you slut?" I say "Yes I do baby I want your cock so bad." You say back "Beg for it baby." I'm laying back masturbating as I say "Please will you slide your big fat meat in my slutty holes? I'll do anything if you feed it to me." Looking at my tits pushed together and my finger sliding in my dripping wet cunt you say "MMMMM you are a horny fucking slut aren't you?" I say "Yes I am just for you..." Pumping your dick in your hand you start to put it right in my face trying to decide which hole you want to give it to first. Teasing me until I cant stand it anymore. Come on and experience what this sexy BBW can do to you. Ram it deep inside of any hole you want until we both explode together. My hot fuck holes are all you will ever need....and my sexy hot talking mouth to go with it...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daddy Will Always Be My Pervy Dirty Slut

I'm here now thinking about my daddy and how hard he gets for me. He always tells me how he thinks about my warm wet pussy and how he likes to watch me masturbate. Sometimes daddy liked to hide in my closet and spy on me touching myself. Seeing me lay back on my bed in bed in a pair of my over sized panties. He gets so hard when I spread my luscious thighs and expose my fat pussy. And he also loves my huge 42 F tits. He always gets so rock hard for me more then anyone i've ever known. Sometimes when I have sleep overs he liked it when I would catch him spying on us. I would make him take out his cock and show my girl friends how hard he gets. My daddy has always been a pervert. He got so embarrassed knowing that he would have to strip out of his clothes and do whatever I told him to do. Knowing if he told me no then I would have to tell my mommy that he was secretly looking at us. So he has no choice but to be my toy for me to use. In front of all of my friends. I love pushing his limits because he knows no one can do it as good as I can. I would look at him and giggle saying "Don't be afraid daddy." Seeing his dick get even harder." I will make him do things to amuse me like lay back on the bed with his legs wide open and play with his cock. Sometimes I would even bring out my vibrator and make him fuck his tight ass hole with it. Daddy swears that it's so humiliating but by the way his dick gets hard I know he really likes it. My friends and I laugh as we see him moaning out like a bitch with his hand pumping his rock hard cock. And his horny hole getting stretched open more and more. And when you think that I would not make him do any more I would prove how dirty he is and make him slide that vibrator out of his ass and suck on it. Daddy is such a dirty whore. I can stick anything in his ass that I want and he won't tell me no. I'll use beer bottles, Ice cubes, anal pumps, my strap on, an enema or whatever else I can think of. I've even made him suck our k-9's cock before. And if daddy wants to prove that he has no limits me and all of my girl friends will make him our own personal toilet. Just think about all of us standing over you with our slutty outfits on ready to pee. One by one standing over your face to lower down and pull our panties to the side and make you our piss drinking slut. I know you like seeing our fat pussies up close and feeling us grind down on your mouth. And I know how much you like to take your tongue and slide in our dripping wet fat cunts. You know it's the closet you will ever get to feeling it. I will never let you fuck my pussy. And you know why because it's just too small to please me. How could you expect for a four inch pecker to give me what I want. So your tongue will be the only thing to experience how tight wet and creamy it is. And besides if mommy had any clue of some of the things that he did she would be so pissed. So having that leverage and making you my toy is all that I need. I know you want to cum now don't you? You want to be a good bitch for me? You know I love you daddy. And you know i'll always be your favorite big beautiful girl. I want to play with you.... Call 1-888-83-3259 ask for Mandy

Monday, May 18, 2009

He's A Slut For My Big Fat Strap On

I walked in and caught my older brother dressed in a pair of my panties. Parading around like a horny slut with his raging hard cock about ready to bust out of them. I looked at him and said "Jimmy what the fuck are you doing in my favorite panties?" He said "Oh Mandy I'm sorry I could not help myself I just had to put them on." I asked him how long this has been going on for and he told me for months. He also told me that he has jacked off and fantasized about me dressing him in my lingerie and thigh hi's and using my favorite toy on him. I looked at him and said "I bet these are my worn panties aren't they? I bet you get off knowing my fat juicy pussy has been in these all day making them wet and creamy." He said "Oh yes I have your dirty panties are my favorite." I immediately walked over to my drawer and pulled out a camisole along with some thigh hi's and then went to my closet and pulled out a pair of my red pumps and said "Put these on slut i'm about to teach you a fucking lesson." He took my lingerie and put them on looking at me saying "Are you going to make me your bitch today Mandy?" I said "You bet your fucking ass i'm going to make you my bitch." Dressed now in my red lingerie he stood there saying "What would you like for me to do first?" I said "Beg me for my Strap on like a good bitch. I know you want the one with the huge dick attached to it don't you?" He said "Oh yes I want that big nine inch dick sliding in my hot pussy." I said "Good because its just for you!" Pushing him down on his knees I said "First I want you to suck it slut. Make it nice and wet." He opened up his mouth lowering it around the head as he started to suck on it. Moaning out like a horny bitch with his lips moving up and down my strap on. Hearing me say "Take it in deeper. Show me how good you can suck a dick you whore!" Bobbing his head up and down like he was fishing for apples making it wetter and wetter he said "Do you like how I'm sucking your strap on Mandy?" I said "Yes I do i'm going to fuck your mouth with it now." Taking my hand as I guided his head up and down. Pushing it on it deeper and deeper hearing me say "I bet your dick is getting really hard now isn't it?" Moaning louder with his mouth full he said "Oh yes It is." I said "Good now raise your slutty mouth off of it so I can put you on all fours. And put that ass up in the air and spread that fucking man pussy open cause I know you are ready for your hole to get stretched open."

Grabbing a hold of his ass with him looking back at me begging like a bitch I said "I'm ready to rim your hot hole. And now you can call it a cunt!" Feeling me push the tip of the head against it just toying with his fuck hole. Running it up and down his crack as he started to beg me for it. But I know he loves the way that I tease him. I do it so good that he starts to drip precum in my panties. He started saying "Mandy I want to touch myself now." I said "You won't do it until I give you permission bitch! Now beg me more." Seeing the intense look in his eyes I said "I want you to touch yourself through my dirty panties and then stop when I tell you too. Teasing and stopping over and over again as he felt me slide my strap on into his hole. Grabbing his hips pulling him back onto me as he started to moan out. Hearing me say "This is what happens to bad brothers who sneak into my dirty clothes hamper and decide to put on my panties." Sliding all the way in and all the way out. Stretching that slutty hole open as his moans got very intense. Working my hips round and round as I started to hit that g spot. I said "You horny slut you like the way I'm fucking your man pussy don't you?" Hearing him say "Please call me names Mandy." I said "I know you want me to call you names you faggot!" Hearing his moans of ecstasy as I gave him pleasure like no other has before. Feeling me hit that g spot again as I pulled out then ran my finger up and down his man hole. Toying with him and denying him and edged him on until I gave him those last few thrusts of rimming his hot fucking hole. Deep fast and hard taking my hands as I started to stroke him through my panties. Making him so hungry to explode and release his cum I said "Are you ready to give it to me slut?" He said "Oh yes Mandy please, please, please let me cum " After begging like a faggot I finally allowed him to blow but I told him he had to do it in my panties. And not only did he have to do that but also had to lick up the cum. He said "Do I have to lick my cream?" I said "Yes bitch!" Fucking him in and out I said "If you don't i'm going to pull out and you won't be allowed to cum." As I started to slide out of him he said "Oh no i'll do it Mandy!" He cum so fucking hard his knees buckled and just about collapsed as I said "Now take those panties off and lick them all up for me!" What a good bitch he was and so very obedient. And if I catch him in my panties again he is going to get punished again. Mandy

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm The Naughty Plump Slut On Your Block

I was in my living room laying back on my couch with nothing but a robe on taking my soft pretty hands as I opened up my big thick thighs and started to run my fingers up and down my juicy fat pussy lips as I saw you walk past my window. Stopping dead in your tracks as you saw me taking sliding my fingers inside my fat wet pussy. Looking at you as I took my other hand and stared to push my huge tits up to my mouth and start sucking on my puffy nipples. Getting harder by the second you walked closer to my window getting a closer look as your face grew very intense. I could see the big bulge in your pants growing as I started to finger my cunt faster and faster. As you took your hand and started to run it across the bulge that was getting rock hard in your pants. I knew that you always had a thing for big girls like me. You even told me before that large girls know how to fuck better then skinny ones. As I slid my finger out and started to suck on it and then gesturing you to come inside. As you made your way in you said "My god Mandy your big beautiful body looks so good laying back on that couch like that." As I smiled and said "Thank you baby." As you slid off your shoes at the door and looked at me saying "I'm going to take off my top if that's okay." I looked as I said "Oh yes please take it off baby." Making your way over to me as I slid my robe off and put it next to me. Sliding your pants down as you brought out your big fat cock stroking it right in front of me I looked up at you and said "Can I please stroke it for you?" You looked down and said "Oh yes please stroke it baby." Wrapping my pretty hands around it as I began to pump it nice and slow for you. Hearing you moan out as you said "I have to get down on my knees and taste that fat pussy of yours. Spread those thick thighs open for me Mandy." As you got down on your knees I opened them up wide and opened up my juicy pink pussy lips too. As you took your tongue and began to lick my sweetness.

Taking your tongue as you ran it up and down my lips. Hearing me moan out as you said "Fuck your pussy tastes so good." Sliding it in deeper as I took my hands and started to run them through your hair. Grinding my cunt and huge thighs into your face as you slid your tongue in even deeper. Fucking my hot hole as I started moaning out your name even louder. Then making your way back up to my clitty as it started to pulsate. Feeling you suck in on it and nibble on it with your teeth as I looked up at you with a seductive look in my eyes. Telling me "I want you to get down on your knees and suck my big fat cock." I told you how hungry I was for it as I kneeled down in front of you. Feeling you take your hands as you squeezed my huge tits together. Feeling my hot hungry mouth slide up and down your dick as I made it nice and wet. You have never experienced a large girl like me suck on your cock before. Little did you know that I was very good at sliding long hard things that are meaty in there. As I made my way down even further on your flesh pole. Feeling my tongue slide up and down your shaft as I started to moan all over your shaft. Seeing my big fat ass wiggle back and fourth as you started to pump and fuck my mouth. I could feel the tip of your head hit the back of my throat as I started to choke and gag on it. Hearing you say "Oh fuck you are such a hot large slut baby." As I slid my mouth up hearing you tell me to suck on those full balls. Trailing my tongue down your shaft I took them in my mouth and started to lick and suck on them. As I pumped your dick in my hand. Stroking it as you felt my wet mouth roll your full cum filled balls roll around. Taking them in and out over and over again as you said "I'm going to cum baby are you ready for it?" I said "Oh god yes i've been so hungry for your cum for so long now." As I made my way back up your shaft again. Wrapping my mouth around it sucking it until you blow your thick hot load all over my face and in my mouth.

Looking down at me as I said "Let me clean that cock off baby." As I started to slurp and suck on it again. Listening to you say "Fuck baby you are making my cock hard again I want to fuck that juicy wet pussy of yours." As you slid my mouth up off your dick. Laying my big body down on my couch as you climbed on top of me. Spreading my thick fat legs open and taking the tip of your cock as you started to push it inside of my dripping wet cunt. Feeling how it grabbed and squeezed around your shaft as you fucked me deep and hard. Looking at my huge tits jiggle as your rammed me faster and faster. Hearing my moans of pleasure as you grabbed my round thigh's and wrapped them around your waist. Taking your hands as you pushed my breasts together and felt my wet juices drip down your dick. Squeezing and tugging around your cock as you could feel my hot fat lips tremble around your rod. You knew I was ready to cum as you took your hands and lifted up my big stomach and started to finger my clitty. Hearing you say "Oh baby it's true what they say about fat chicks they know how to fuck so much better then the small thin girls." I said that's right we do and I know how to make your cock feel better and cum harder then they do also." Moaning out your name as I said "Do you want me to cum on that cock baby?" You said "Oh fuck yes because you are going to make me cum again!" As I started to explode all over your cock. This fat juicy pussy was all yours and I wanted your cum deep inside of me so bad filling my cunt up I could taste it. As I started to beg like a slutty whore saying "Please feed my pussy baby!" As you grabbed my fat ass pulling me up on you I could feel you throbbing as you shot a thick hot load deep inside of me. Feeling my muscles grab around your cock and hold it inside of me you said "I can't wait to see you in your window again masturbating like you did today." Are you ready to see what it's like to have your way with a sexy bbw today? I'm in my living room right now touching myself thinking about you. Call me at 1-888-837-3259

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Night Big Brother Rammed My Hot Holes

Hi big brother it has been about a week since I have given you the hot wet blow job and fuck of a life time. It was a late night and you just got back from hanging out with your friends. As you walked in the door and saw me laying back on the couch watching porn. As I had my big legs spread wide open I took my fingers touching my juicy pussy lips. With my other hand pushing my big 42 F tits up to my mouth sucking on my nipples. You looked down at me as you said "Fuck Mandy you look so hot laying back there masturbating like that." You knew that it was wrong to have a thing for your younger sister but you didn't really care. And I also knew that you had a thing for fat chicks more then you did the skinny ones. Every time you thought about looking at the way that I was dressed in my over sized panties and matching big bra your dick would stiffen instantly. You told me "Damn girl I love the way your big stomach hangs over your panties like that. And your big fucking tits look like they are about to bust out of that bra. Seeing me as I teased and seduced you saying "You like my jelly rolls don't you? I do wear them better then any other big girl you have ever seen." Knowing how wet and creamy my pussy gets for you. Knowing that the sweat that drips on my panties from being so large gave you such naughty thoughts. As you stand here watching me be a complete and total slut looking at this porn getting wetter by the second you know all I can think about is you dropping your pants for me and bringing that big fat meaty cock out. I wanted a replay of what we had the other night. I looked at you seductively saying "Give me your dick big brother. I know you want to slide it in my hot wet mouth and feel me sucking on it again. Pumping it in as my mouth slides up and down your shaft. Deep throating it as you wrap your hand around my pretty long brown hair shoving my mouth down on it deeper. Making me gag on it as it hits the back of my throat. Sliding my hot lips up off of it as I trail my tongue down to your balls and suck on those balls. Rolling them around in my mouth as you moan out calling me your dirty fucking whore.

I look up at you saying "Come on now I want you to fuck my huge tits. Pump that throbbing hard cock between them and feel me push them around that fat dick. You know your meat wants to slide in and out. And when you get finished there I want you to bend me over the couch and spread my big fat thighs open and get ready to pump my pussy. Looking back at you as I say "You want to fuck your younger sister don't you? And I know you want to take your hands and slap my big fat round ass and make it jiggle." You love it when I talk like a raunchy slut. As I take my hand and reach behind me and start to finger my dripping wet pink cunt. Looking into your eyes saying "Ram my slutty pussy baby. Shove your dick in me." Soon as I said that you started to smack my ass cheeks back and forth and started to fuck my hot wet hole. Sliding it in as you could feel my juicy lips grab around your cock and pull and grab on it. Oh yea you know I crave that rod in me. Looking as my huge tits shook like jello. Feeling your cock throb deep inside of me as you said "Mandy you know I don't give a damn about you being my sister. And you know that I want your big beautiful body all the time." As you grabbed my hips and started to ram my fat twat even deeper. Grinding my fat ass back onto you as I started choking your cock even tighter. You looked at me and said "Where do you want my cum baby?" I said "The last time you shot it all over my tits and in my hungry mouth. But now I want you to shoot it in my hungry pussy." You said "Beg me bitch like the hungry whore that you are." I said "Give me that fucking cum big brother! My pussy needs it so bad please do not deny it all of that hot sticky jizz." As I put a grip and lock around your cock and squeezed like a slut who was ready to drain you like you needed to be. Talking like a slut saying "You know this pussy belongs to you and nobody can fuck me like you can." Soon as I said that you shot all of that hot cum deep inside of me. I said "Ohhhh ya my pussy is your cum dumping station baby. I just cant get enough." Are you ready for more? Then give me a call and let's do it again... Come find me in our free sex chat room or just call me at 1-888-837-3259 for hot BBW phone sex

Your slutty sis,

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Your Super Dirty Slut

You saw me tonight at the party and could not take your eyes off of me. And I could not stop looking at you. Your first impression was thinking that from my looks I was sweet and innocent. But little did you know that I was a super slutty freak and all I could think about was getting you back at my place so we could be alone. I knew that you had a girl friend and she was NOTHING like me. She is so reserved and closed minded when it comes to sex. The TOTAl opposite of me. I know you wish she was more like me. Soft, cuddly, sexy, and slutty. With endless curves. Even though i'm a big beautiful girl with huge tits, a big bouncy ass, thick thighs and a fat pussy i'm all that you would ever need and crave. Have you ever wished that your girl friend would just throw off her clothes and strip naked and say "I want you to fuck me right here right now." And I don't just mean in the bedroom. I mean in every room of the house. The hallway, the living room, the shower, on the balcony, in the garage, and yes even in the kitchen too. Imagine me preparing your favorite meal as you come up from behind me seeing my big round ass as i'm wiggling it back and forth and I look back at you saying "Hey baby i'm fixing your favorite meal. I know you are a breast man. What about some chicken breast as your main course along with a side of luscious thighs and ass." And i'll take that big fat tube steak that is throbbing between your legs. I know you are ready to feel my hot wet mouth, pussy and ass sliding on it." As I look into your eyes I say "MMMM and as for desert I want your thick and creamy cum." My tight little fuck holes will have you cumming harder then you ever thought you would. So why don't you cum give me a call and see how much of a whore I am. I'm ready to strip out of my sexy clothes and seduce and tease you until you are saying "Mandy give me that big beautiful body of yours. I want it all you naughty slut!" However you want it wherever you want it. I'm ready for you. Call 1-888-837-3259 ask for Mandy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Lips Are Ready Is Your Big Hard Cock?

I'm in the mood for a huge cock right now. Sliding in my big round ass. Bend me over or come slide between my thick legs and take the tip of the head and slide it up and down my juicy fat pussy. Make it nice and wet from the dripping cream that's leaking out of my pink hot hole. Or you can bring it up to my pretty mouth and let me suck it nice and slow for you. Feel my pretty painted lips sliding up and down your shaft as you take your hands and squeeze my big bouncy tits together. Feel how hard my nipples are getting for you as you start to fuck my slutty mouth. Your cock feels so good sliding in as you feel my soft hand cup your balls. Gently caressing in my hand as I take your dick deeper and deeper in my throat. Then slide your cock out and if you want to tit fuck me you can. Or just make your way straight down to my dirty ass and fuck my tight hole. As I look into your eyes as you are stretching my fat ass hole open. "Your cock feels so good inside of me." I say "And it's so big and hard baby." As you start to pump my hole even faster. Smacking my juicy round booty as you watch it jiggle. Hearing my moans turn even louder as you say "Damn Mandy you are one hot slut." You know you can fuck every single hole that I have. I want to be your dirty taboo slut. And you know I like it nasty too so after you get finished fucking my ass and cunt you can bring that big fat dick back up to my big tits and finish me off there. Pump that rod in and out of my big 42 F tits as I finger my fat pussy just for you. And hear me moan out your name as i'm looking up at you saying "I'm your horny bitch baby and i'm going to make you cum." As you start moaning out and say "I want to paint that pretty mouth and big titties up baby." As I start begging you for your sticky hot cum. Give me a pearl necklace and then watch me as I take my fingers and lick it all up like a good cum eating whore. I'm ready to do whatever your fantasy is. And I love doing those forbidden dirty taboo kind that you want to keep a secret. You know you can share them with me. So call me at 1-888-837-3259
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being Naughty Dirty And Kinky Is What I Do Best

Are you in the mood for a hot and horny big beautiful girl today? I am here especially for all you men who like a girl with some extra pounds. I love sex and am extremely horny all of the time. And I have to say that I'm into all kinds of things too. I'm sitting here now thinking about how much I like having all of my holes fucked. And I cant forget about my huge 42 D tits. My fat pussy gets juicy just thinking about your long hard cock sliding between them. I also want to feel your big fat dick slide in my tight pussy and ass. They are both VERY tight and just waiting to get stretched out by your long hard rod. You have never felt a tight wet cunt and ass to grip and squeeze around your hard muscle until you have felt mine.

A lot of people would say I'm just an
oral slut. And I'm sure you can guess by now what I like to put in my hot wet mouth. If you don't it's your tongue, full heavy balls, and your big fat cock. And when that is good and wet from my mouth you can slip and slide it between my huge tits and tit fuck me as I lick the tip of your hed as it slides out the top of my clevage. I also love to please you as well as make you please me too. So get ready to be straddled by my luscious thighs. Feel me sit on your face and smoother you as I grind my juicy pussy round and round. And if you are a good boy I may just let you come up for air. But if you are a bad boy I may just have to get out my strap on and fuck you so good all you can think about is cumming over and over again. I can't forget about how kinky of a girl I am too. When I come across the right man. And you know I want to hear about your kinkiest, dirtiest and most nasty role play you can think of. I don't care if its Incest, cuckolding, sissification, queening, toys, spankings, young mommy, or anything you can think of.

So if you are in the mood for some naughty BBW phone sex today then I'm the girl for you to call. I have lot's of toys and I love to play with them. Whatever your fetish may be. I am always hot, horny and ready to give you a good time.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forget Milkshakes I Want Your Thick Hot Cream

Forget milkshakes as good as they taste all I can think about is how much I want your thick hot cream and big hard cock. I want to get all of my holes fucked and I cant forget about my huge 42 D tits. My fat pussy gets juicy just thinking about your long hard cock sliding between them. I also want to feel your big fat dick slide in my tight pussy and ass. They are both VERY tight and just waiting to get stretched out by your long hard rod. You have never felt a tight wet cunt and ass to grip and squeeze around your hard muscle until you have felt mine. A lot of people would say I'm just an oral slut. And I'm sure you can guess by now what I like to put in my hot wet mouth. If you don't it's your tongue, full heavy balls, and your big fat cock. And when that is good and wet from my mouth you can slip and slide it between my huge breasts and tit fuck me as I lick the tip of your head as it slides out the top of my cleavage. I also love to please you as well as make you please me too. So get ready to be straddled by my luscious thighs. Feel me sit on your face and smoother you as I grind my juicy pussy round and round. And if you are a good boy I may just let you come up for air. But if you are a bad boy I may just have to get out my strap on and fuck you so good all you can think about is cumming over and over again. I can't forget about how kinky of a girl I am too. When I come across the right man. And you know I want to hear about your kinkiest, dirtiest and most nasty role play you can think of. I don't care if its role playing, age play, Incest, beastiality, cuckolding, sissification, queening, toys, spankings, young mommy, or anything you can think of. So if you are in the mood for some naughty BBW fun today then I'm the girl for you. Call me for all of your phonesex fantasies. I have lot's of toys and I love to play with them. Whatever your fetish may be. I am always hot, horny and ready to give you a good time.